From time to time we may be sent products to review.  These will always be declared at the bottom of the post with an star, declaring the item as a PR sample.  If there are multiple products within the post, the one(s) that are samples will also have an star next to their name so you know which ones have been sent to us.

At some point in the future when the blog has grown, I may also accept sponsored posts.  Again, these will always be disclaimed at the bottom with an star and wording that’ll either say ‘sponsored post’ or ‘collaborative post’ etc.

Why so many followers, and so few blog posts?

Just to clear up the disparity between my Bloglovin' follower count, and the fact that this blog is very new. I've imported my followers from both Makeup-Pixi3 and Mummy-Pixie to this blog, as neither of my old blogs will be updated any more, and content from both will eventually be moved to pixiedoes.com.  That's why my follower count is so high for such a new blog :)  Don't read too much into it, I just wanted my readers to have some continuity :)

A note to PR companies interested in working with Pixiedoes.com

PR samples will always have a no follow link, as will sponsored posts.  If you require follow links on samples or paid posts, you might not want to contact me as I’m only willing to accommodate no follow links.  There’s no point wasting both our time now is there ; )

If you're still interested in working with us, great! Our email is georgina@pixiedoes.com


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