Thursday, 10 September 2020

Which hats are you?

A blonde woman with a black hat in the woods

We all have different sides to our personality, right?

It’s like having lots of hats for different occasions, sometimes you have to wear your mum hat, sometimes you want to put your creative hat on, sometimes it’ll be an ultra-femme hat for when you’re feeling all womanly etc.

For me, I have 5-6 hats, and each one is often battling the other.

The tom-boy hat

This one likes gaming, being ‘one of the lads’, drinking beer, listening to metal and watching UFC. This is a pretty strong side of me and one that started when I was becoming a teenager. I used to live in jeans and mens shirts when I was a young teen. Proper tom-boy. I wasn’t into makeup etc. I liked listening to Nirvana and Guns n Roses, and loved gaming. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I really started feeling a little more feminine. I pretty much swapped my mens shirts for a cute vest top, wearing an open Slipknot shirt over it, and baggies. Proper mosher.

The Elle Woods hat

I can also be pink and fluffy, ultra girly. Loving designer handbags, getting my nails done, buying nice makeup and feeling womanly, maybe even sexy sometimes. Years ago in my late twenties this was a bigger part of me, it’s waned in recent years to make way for the mum hat, which isn’t the most exciting hat, but does what it needs to.

The Mum hat

The most practical of them all and the one I wear the most. I imagine the hat much like a donkey with saddle bags carrying everything we could possibly need. This is the me that feeds the kids, cleans the house, washes up, does the laundry, stops the kids from fighting, makes the snacks, signs the School permission slips, tucks the kids into bed, reads them stories, plans the food shop, kisses their boo boos, cradles them when they're sad or crying, does the food shop, runs the errands etc etc. Over the years, this hat is probably the most worn, because it’s me every day all day. It’s a hat that has me makeup-less and in a permanent mum-bun and day’s old clothes with random bits of playdoh stuck to it. A very practical hat, but much needed.

The Crafter hat

One of my favourites this one. I have a lot of hobbies, mostly creative ones like art, lino printing, mosaics, and most prominently, crochet. I have this hat on most evenings for a couple hrs. But it’s a constant battle of which hobby to spend time on. I’d love to spend time on them all, but given the amount of yarn I have, it’s usually crochet that wins. This hat I used to wear a lot more, before kids, now it’s a bit old and dusty, but still loves being worn.

The Hippy hat

This is a hat I cannot ignore. Deep inside my soul, I’m such a complete hippy. I’m forever drawn to hippy aesthetics with interior design and clothing. I’m a gentle parent (not saying that’s a hippy thing, but it’s more hippy than being an authoritative parent, which I’m not). I love mindfulness and meditation and have done for years. I’m passionate about normalising natural term breastfeeding. In my heart of hearts, this is who I am.

The Pagan hat

This hat is pointy, and is adorned with the 5 elements, with mother nature, sage wraps, pentagrams and with owning our mistakes, not blaming others for things we have done. This hat used to be worn a lot when I was in my twenties. It’s very dusty now, but still there. It’s not a hat I tell people I have very often, it’s a quiet background hat. It’s a love of mother nature hat.

I figure we all wear our versions of these hats, and our personalities are in a constant flux over which one you'll wear each day.

What hats do you wear?

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