Wednesday, 8 April 2020

I've lost a bit of weight...

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Last Easter (2019) I developed really achy hips. The more I walked, the more they’d hurt, eventually I’d need to stop and rest as they were causing a lot of pain. I also couldn’t sit with my legs up on the sofa next to me, as the rotation of the hips hurt too much. Without feeling particularly motivated, I thought I should probably try and lose some weight, as that would probably help.

I’d had a flyer that a new slimming world group had started up at weekends at my sons school, perfect. Off I went one Saturday morning, half asleep, and enrolled. It was very scary. This wasn’t my first time joining, it was my 4th. The first time I’d lost just over 3.5 stone about 10+ years ago, then I did it online twice, with absolutely no success.

Our group leader, Emma. Well she’s a bit bonkers, in a good way. She’s great and keeps us accountable and on-track. Then there’s the members, some more bonkers than Emma. I’ve made some friends there, which never happened at previous groups. They're a great crowd, I really do love my Saturday morning group :)

Progress photos of me showing my weight loss
Left (before the loss), Middle (now), Right (after 4 stone loss, still a long way to go!)

I’ve found motivation harder than ever this time, and each week struggle (usually around Weds/Thurs). The first time I did Slimming World I was incredibly motivated and didn’t waiver until I got to about 3.5 stone loss, and barely lost any more, then I stopped going and put it all back on. This time, and I think it’s because I didn’t have crazy motivation when I joined, it’s a weekly struggle, but one I’m no-less committed to. 

I certainly find it more challenging than many thanks to the diet restrictions:

No dairy (Dot’s allergy – I have to exclude due to breastfeeding)
No soya (Dot’s allergy – I have to exclude due to breastfeeding)
No banana (my allergy)
No fresh or tinned tomatoes (my allergy)
No meat (my preference)
White onions (my allergy)

But somehow I’m muddling through, mostly making it on red onions and copious amounts of mushrooms with a bit of Oatly crème fraiche. 

So far, 8 months in, I’ve lost 4 stone. I’ve dropped 3-4 sizes in tops, and 1-2 sizes in jeans, and 3 sizes in dresses. I can cross my legs again while sitting down (on a sofa at least) and have lots more energy when I’m out and about. My hips are a little better, but not dramatically. But still, I’ll take that improvement! But really speaking, this is just the start of my journey, I still have a very long way to go and need to lose a lot more before I’m any semblance of healthy in terms of my weight. I don’t have a goal set, I figured I’d know when I get close.

I’ll start sharing some of the recipes I’ve been using too, as well as some of my own creations.


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  1. You've done amazing. I've seen the loss for myself since every time I see you, your skin is better, your hair is glowing! And who could blame you for having less motivation with what is going on in the bigger wider world? It's hard. And harder with the dietary restrictions and then having two boys to look after too! Keep on going. And then maybe do some little specific exercises to strengthen your hips slowly and it will all come together.


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