Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas presents with Wicked Uncle

Wicked Uncle toy banner
A little while ago the lovely elves over at Wicked Uncle approached me to see if I wanted to review a couple products on their site and see what it's like to use. What with Christmas looming, I jumped at the chance :) With £40 credit in my pocket, I opened up their site - the first thing you're greeted with is the different ways you can search for toys - so by gender, age or category (like 'explorer'). I went straight to toys for 3 year old's (can't remember if I selected boys... probably as there weren't any 'girly' toys that showed up).

Fireman mini story pompiers
Back of the box for the fireman mini story pompiers

I loved the range of toys available, there were so many that I knew Squidge would love, but a few I thought he might be a teeny bit young for, or not have the patience for. With that in mind, I picked toys I knew he'd love, based on how he currently plays. One thing he loves doing is pretending there's fires all around the house that he needs to go and put out, so the Fireman Mini Story Pompiers (£10.95*) I knew would be perfect, as there's a little cut-out wooden fire he can place around.

I also picked out a vehicle (he freakin' loves cars and diggers and tractors... anything with four wheels pretty much. It's by John Deere, a farm tractor with a farmer and some animals. They have places to sit and make noises, he'll love this :)

John Deere tractor and farmer with farm animals toy

Close up of the farmer and animals

Close up of where the animals go

It's possibly a bit young for him, but I think he'll love it all the same. He loves singing Old McDonald, so he'll like using this to sing the rhyme. This was £21.95*.

white chocolate snowmen

Last but not least, I picked some white chocolate snowmen as a stocking filler, now these I know will go down a treat and cost £4.95*.

I really like the selection of toys Wicked Uncle had, such a good variety, and no real 'duds' from appearance - I think this is down to them testing out all the products before they make their way onto the site. I'd definitely use Wicked Uncle again, I already have a few things picked out for Squidge and Dot for their birthdays (long wait!) next year.

The only real issue I had was finding where to put the voucher code... it wasn't obvious at all. I had to click on the total amount, which then opened up a window to put the code in. But that's not really a big deal!
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