Sunday, 3 December 2017

Christmas flowers

Christmas bouquet from Prestige Flowers

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I'm a big fan of flowers. I buy them pretty much every week to decorate our dining table, and if the bunch is big enough, I'll split it to create another small arrangement for the kitchen window. I mostly go for simple bunches of roses from the local supermarket, but every now and then I splash out and get some beautiful stems from the local florist, and when I say splash out, I mean £20 for 6 roses!

You can imagine my excitement when Prestige Flowers got in contact to see if I'd like to review one of their Christmas bouquets - I pretty much squealed! I took at look at their Christmas arrangements and two immediately jumped out - the Festivity bouquet and the Winter Warmer bouquet (pictured). I had no idea which they'd send me, so I was very excited to open the box when it arrived, and was super happy when I saw it was the Winter Warmer bouquet :)

In the bouquet there's some greenery that's been sprayed copper, which I really love for an accent. In the bouquet you can expect white chrysanthemums, white lilies, avalanche roses and Christmas stars, as well as a variety of greenery.

Copper leaf detail
Copper star
Rose detail
Long shot of the bouquet
Close up of the bouquet

All the flowers in the box were in tact and un-damaged - no bad leaves, flowers, greenery etc, everything was perfect. It's a lovely full bunch too, jam packed. I absolutely love the quality of the roses too - a far cry from the cheap & cheerful supermarket roses I usually buy. These are large, full and in beautiful condition.

With the flowers they also sent me a lovely little vase that holds the arrangement really well, and a box of chocolates! Sadly, as I'm dairy-free I couldn't have any, however, the hubby demolished most of them (other than the fruity ones) and Squidge polished off the rest :) Hubby said the chocolates were delicious, and Squidge inhaled them without a second thought too.

Box of chocolates
Close up of the vase

The Winter Warmer bouquet is on offer at the moment starting from £24.99 - adding £10 if you opt for the large one (which I think mine probably is), add £5.99 if you want to add the vase too, and the chocolates are free.

What I've really loved about these, is how it's opened my mind to treating myself to a proper bouquet like this a little more often - they're only a few ££ more than the stems I buy from my local florist now and then, and this is a full blown bouquet. I also really like that these would make a beautiful centrepiece for the Christmas dinner table and could easily be split up to make a couple smaller arrangements. 
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