Sunday, 19 November 2017

A little life update | Learning to Drive & YouTube

Our week in pictures


This week has seen me return to YouTube. I've been missing it for ages, but just recently I really began to miss it. I don't have a decent vlogging camera (I'm using my iPhone 8 plus) but didn't want that to hold me back. The first video I filmed was a toy review of the Thomas the tank engine MINIS motorised track (also reviewed on the blog here) and the 2nd video was a proper follow-me-around style vlog, I'm hoping to do one each of those a week, not that I live a particularly exciting life :P 


This coming week also see's me starting to learn to drive at the ripe old age of 38! I had a few lessons when I was 19 and loved it, but I moved away to go to uni and didn't pick them back up again. But now I'm home full time with the kiddies, I feel really disconnected and stuck by not driving, so I'm determined to learn and to nail it, I've even picked out a little car (a 2007 Volkswagen Polo - we'll see if it's still for sale if and when I pass my test). I'm going to be having a 1 hr lesson one week, and the next week I'll have 2 lessons (1 x 1 hr and 1 x 2 hr) as my driving instructor only works every other Saturday. I'm really hoping I get on as well as I did when I learned when I was 19. There's so many things I want to do, I want to be able to just jump in the car and go to IKEA, or Dyffryn Gardens, or visiting family/friends etc.

Baking - new traditions

I've started baking with Squidge each weekend too, he loves helping :) It's nothing fancy, all we've done so far are Betty Crocker cake mixes, lol, but I want to do lots of other fun things too - we've started with these as they're dairy and soya free.

How's Dot?

Dot is doing great. We've now been exclusively breastfeeding for 3 months which I'm really proud of as I never managed it with Squidge. He's thriving and sits between the 75th and 91st percentile lines. He's really big for his age... clothes-wise, I've started buying size 6-9 months clothes as he's outgrowing his 3-6 months size, despite him only just being 3 months old! I did save all of Squidge's old clothes for him, but all the 6-9 month clothes are shorts and t-shirts as Squidge was 8 months old when in that size making it Summer!

I'm still not getting much sleep. Dot did do about 10 days of sleeping through the night when he was 7 weeks old, but since then he's only done it once or twice and he's now 13 weeks old. In all honesty, I don't mind getting up in the night to feed him - the thing I find most frustrating is it taking me an hour of getting him to sleep and putting him down, to actually get him to stay asleep, On a typical night I'm getting to sleep about 1:45am - then I'm up again about 4am and 6 or 7am. But I've gone back to falling asleep while feeding him at 4am and waking up 2 hrs later with him asleep laying across my lap with my arm under his head... not good really... I'm freezing as I'm not under the covers, and Dot then wakes as soon as I put him down in his cot.


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