Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Squidge's bedtime reads | October

A picture of childrens books Zog, Keith the cat in the magic hat and Don't let the pigeon drive the bus

I thought I'd start a new feature on Pixiedoes. Squidge loves stories, he loves having stories read to him at bedtime (and the rest of the day), but his favourites change pretty frequently, so I thought I'd start a monthly favs of Squidge's favourite reads.


a page from zog
This is actually an old favourite of his. I bought him the board book of this when he was a baby, and about 6-12 months ago he really liked Daddy reading it to him as he was finishing his dinner in the evening. Then recently as a gift we were bought the big book version of it - so now we have a copy for upstairs and downstairs (I did try to get him to take a copy to his nanny and grandad's where he spends 2 days a week, but no he wants to keep it downstairs, who am I to argue!). Now we have one upstairs, he asks for it most bedtimes.

We're pretty big fans of Julia Donaldson here, we have over half her books and Squidge absolutely loves them.

Zog is the story of a dragon, a dragon who really wants to earn a golden star. Each year the teacher teaches them something new like breathing fire, and gets them to go and practice. Eventually Zog befriends a princess and a knight and finds himself a new career.  I'm really not doing it justice! It's a good story, and Alex Scheffler does a wonderful job illustrating it.

Keith the cat with a magic hat

A page from keith the cat with the magic hat
This was another present and it's been an absolute hit! Keith is a cat who has an ice cream land on his head (oops). To save face, he tells his cat friends it's a magic hat and not just an ice cream. Through a series of consequences, his cat friends believe it really is a magic hat until they find themselves chased up a tree by a dog!

It's a lovely story, beautifully illustrated and perfect for pre-schoolers.

Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!

a page from don't let the pigeon drive the bus
This really is a funny book. It's written from the perspective of the bus driver, and then the pigeon. It talks directly to the reader and encourages you to answer (which I love)! I really like books that are different, and this really is. From the illustration style, to the way you read the book, it's really unusal but very engaging. Squidge really loves it, especially the bit where we shout 'LET ME DRIVE THE BUS!' - thanks to that it was an instant hit :) 

I wonder what will be Squdige's favourites next month? Do you have any recommendations?
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