Friday, 20 October 2017

Squidge's 3 year update

Squidge looking out of a train window

It's official, I'm a mummy to a 3 year old! Where did those 3 years go? I honestly feel like the luckiest mummy in the world, Squidge is the loveliest boy, he's kind, caring, sweet, funny and beautiful. He makes me so proud to be his mummy every day.


I thought I'd kick off with this as it's the only thing holding him back at the moment. His vocabulary is excellent as is his understanding, but his pronunciation still isn't great. A couple weeks ago he went to see a speech therapist to be assessed, and she said he has 'disordered speech'. So she's drawing up a treatment plan for him. It's the back of the mouth sounds he has the biggest problem with, the front sounds he's mostly fine with. Hopefully his first session will be soon and I really hope it helps. He starts the rising 3's in January and hopefully it'll be in a Welsh medium school, so it'll be really really beneficial for him to be able to say the right sounds.


It's becoming a bit of a headache. He's never been a great eater, but he's becoming more fussy as he's getting older. Refusing to try new foods (even the tiniest taste to see if he likes it) and only sticking to what he knows. Meals are also taking aages, with him taking around an hour to eat a small bowl of food.  He's been quite poorly recently and every time he's poorly, he stops eating. As a result, he's lost quite a lot of weight, and is starting to worry me. I really need to try and fatten him up a little as he's really really lean - a couple more colds and he'll be in danger of becoming underweight.

Saying that, the last couple days he's actually eaten really well, which is so lovely to see him with an appetite :) 


He's really in a mix of sizes at the moment - his pants are for age 2-3 and I think he'll be staying in that size for quite a while as his hips are really small. Trousers/jeans he's in a combination of size 2-3, and some 3-4 - the problem he has is that a lot of the size 3-4 are great in length for him, but they fall down on him because of his little hips and bottom. Tops he's definitely fully in 3-4 now, especially with his big head :) I'm not buying as many clothes for him from John Lewis any more - I still love their clothes, but I find often the head holes are a little small. Instead I've been buying from M&S, F&F at Tesco, Asda and Mothercare.


His imagination is fantastic, I absolutely love watching him play. One of the presents I got for him for his 3rd Birthday was the Playmobil take along dolls house - he really likes this and it really plays to his imagination. It's just a delight to watch him play and create little scenarios for the characters. He even got one to ask the other one to be best friends the other day, like omg, I nearly died of a cuteness overload!

He loves being read stories, and now remembers them so that when he leafs through the pages, he can say the story out loud. He's loving nursery rhymes too - his favourites at the moment is 3 little ducks and the abc song, and oh my gosh he's cute singing them with his cute little voice!

He's been able to count 1-10 for a while, but by himself has started picking up 11-20 and even surprised me yesterday when I got to 21 he said 'twenty two' for the next number, I was amazed!

We gave up dummies a few months ago now and he's not once asked for them since the dummy fairy came, I've been so impressed in how he's dealt with this. He's also now fully potty trained - I'll write a separate post on our journey with that.

All in all he's thriving. He's such a loving big brother, he brings us so much joy, happiness and laughter. Spending time with him really is a treat :) 

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