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Mummy of two | The first 6 weeks

Mummy of two

I've officially been a mummy of two for 6 weeks now, and I honestly feel like I've won the lottery. How did I get this lucky, to be the mummy of two wonderful little boys. Don't get me wrong, it's been far from easy, but we've taken the challenges on and are doing well.

Sleeping... lol

Dot with a dummy
Yeah funny title when you have a newborn! My sleep at night is sparse, much more sparse than when we had Squidge. Dot is breastfed and comforts on the boob. Typically, we'll go up to bed about 11:30 and I'll feed him then. He either goes to sleep well at that point, until about 2:30am, or he'll stay awake right through to that feed and until about 3-4am. The problem is, he hates his moses basket, and at 6 weeks old has nearly outgrown it! I can put him down in it fast asleep, and within 1-2 mins he'll be fully wide awake and alert.

Then what typically happens, the feed about 2:30am, he'll have that and we both fall asleep either as the feed ends or during the feed. I wake up at like 5am with him lying across my lap and my arm under his head (supporting it) and me sat up and dozing. Then as soon as I transfer him to the moses basket, he wakes and is ready for his next feed.  So, I'm not getting much sleep at all, maybe 2-3 hrs a night at most, but I'm functioning quite well on it too :) 

Today however, I caved. I caved and gave him a dummy, something I was desperately hoping to avoid. But my goodness, he's a different baby with it. He's not soothing on me anymore. If I didn't have Squidge to look after too, I'd happily let Dot soothe on me, but when I need to be mobile to look after the toddler, I just can't. As a result, Dot has slept in his bouncer today (he's only previously managed half hr in it!), he's fed better off me (had a good full feed that didn't take too long), and seems happier.

Diet changes

Dot chest rash
We think Dot has a dairy allergy. He definitely has silent reflux, but we think that in itself is a symptom of the dairy allergy. He screams on the boob while arching his back and bringing his knees up, spits up feeds a lot, is very sleepy and struggles to stay awake for feeds, has had a chest rash, has lots of explosive poops which smelled really vinegary. So, I've cut out dairy and soya from my diet. Today is day 5 of that and I'm starting to see some changes in him. His poops no longer smell of vinegar, and he's not screaming on the boob as much. He did a lot last night, but he seemed to have some trapped wind.

They say that cows milk protein stays in your system for up to 2 weeks, so I'm not expecting to see any drastic changes until then. If I need to cut out eggs too I'll try that, but only after a good month of being dairy free. 


Dot breastfeeding
This is actually going really well! We had some struggles if you remember (mastitis, blocked ducts and a cracked nipple) but overcame them, and more recently he's been struggling to feed on that same left boob. I took him along to a breastfeeding support group who helped me with the positioning, and now he's feeding on the boob much better, whoop! My supply seems ok for the most part, unless he's grazing lots, then he struggles to get enough milk. I'm just so pleased I'm able to do this for him, despite the constant milk patches down my top after a feed :P


Dot in Squidge's bed
Well, he's a big strapping baby that's for sure! He's gaining almost 1lb a week! He was weighed on Tuesday at a whopping 12lb 13.5 oz at 6 weeks old (for comparison, Squidge was 12 weeks old when he reached 12 lbs). He's in size 3-6 month clothes for the most part, some larger 0-3 months babygrows still fit him). He's 91st percentile for height, head circumference and weight which is great. He certainly doesn't look chubby, he looks pretty normal, with creases in the right places :)


Squidge in his rubble hoodie
I don't want to miss Squidge out :) He's doing well, in fact, it's his 3rd birthday tomorrow :) He still has speech issues (pronunciation) and will be seeing a speech therapist next week about it. He makes us laugh every day with the things he comes out with and his cheeky beautiful little smile. He's taken to being a big brother so well, he's so caring and loving. He's absolutely nailed potty training too, it's just a shame that he has an tummy bug at the moment (lots of poops every day...). He's just a delight, I can't wait to see what the next year brings for this little chap :)


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