Thursday, 3 August 2017

What's in the baby's hospital bag

Baby change bag

I've been meaning to write this post for a little while, but in all honesty, at 39 weeks pregnant (as of yesterday, whoop!) only now is his bag complete... leaving it late, I know!

This is going to be a pretty picture heavy post, I'm going to try and group things together as best I can so it's a bit easier to read :) 

Baby's bottom

Pampers newborn nappies, Asda Little Angels wipes and nappy bags

Sudocrem for sore bottoms

As you might expect, there's a bunch of nappies - this time we're going straight for Pampers. With Squidge we rocked Aldi's nappies for the first few months, but as he grew we found he was leaking all the time and switched to pampers - they were so much softer too. To go with them we have Asda's Little Angels nappy bags and wipes (I love these wipes, they're great quality and love that they come with a lid). No 'bottom care' would also be complete without a tube or tub of Sudocrem* - something we still use regularly with Squidge, we call it magic cream :)

Blankets & teddy's

Cover blanket from mothercare

Crocheted 12 pointed star blanket

Jellycat teddy and a crocheted octopus

As much as I've crocheted a lot of blankets for Dot, I'm only taking one to the hospital with me, it's a 12-pointed star blanket I made. I'm also taking a bigger blanket to put over us if and when I manage to breastfeed. I'm keeping everything crossed that we'll be able to this time, I'm determined!

The top blanket I bought from Mothercare, it's mint coloured on the one side, and grey on the other. The teddy's on the other hand, one (the octopus) I crocheted for him a few months ago, and the bunny is his first Jellycat :) I bought Squidge quite a few Jellycat toys before he was born, so had to get one for Dot too.


Baby clothes
Little Bird muslins

Ok muslins aren't technically clothing, but I thought I'd put them here anyway :) I love these, I love how colourful they are - that's something I'm doing differently this time, opting for really colourful muslins. These ones are from Mothercare from the Jools Oliver Little Bird range (one of my favourite baby clothing ranges).

The sleepsuits, awwww. I've packed 5 sets. Each sleepsuit has folded inside it a vest, and 3 of them (the 3 on the right) also have a baby hat folded inside. There's actually an order to these. The one on the far right will be the first set he wears - it was the first baby clothing I bought him, and it's from Boots. And the one on the far left is the one I want to bring him home in, it was my favourite babygrow/sleepsuit Squidge used to wear, I can't wait to give Dot lots of cuddles in it :)

Other bits and bobs (some of these should probably be in my bag, I might switch them over!)

Cord tie - totoro

Lansinoh nipple cream

Lansinoh nursing pads

I've also ordered a totoro cord tie to use this time instead of the plastic clamp - from everything I've read, they should help the cord dry out faster (typically 3-5 days) and are more comfortable for both mother and baby, especially when it comes to breastfeeding.

I've also got some Lansinoh* nipple cream - I've already been having some sore nipples and the baby isn't even born yet, so I'm hoping this will really help once he's here. They've also sent me some little packs of nursing pads, which is great, I remember I leaked a lot with Squidge, so these will be very handy!

And that's it! That's all that's in the bag, I say *all*, I couldn't fit anything else in if I tried! I might also do a post of what's in my bag, but I'm not sure that'll be as interesting, so maybe let me know in the comments if you'd like to see that :)
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*Post contains some PR samples

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  1. I love the baby clothes and no baby bag is complete without Sudocrem! I love these "whats in my bag" posts and I am sure lots of first time mums like to see them too


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