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Pregnancy roundup | Weeks 32-36

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First off, sorry it's been a while since my last update, life has been busy, and eventful! As I'm writing this, I'm actually 1 day off being 39 weeks pregnant, so hopefully they next update will be on time and soon.

Big things have happened!

Since the last update, I've officially gone on maternity leave, I went off at 34 weeks - although, technically I'm still on annual leave, until tomorrow that is, then my maternity leave officially starts. At 35/36 weeks pregnant, I also spent a couple days in hospital on a drip for being dehydrated... more on that in a bit. We've come pretty close to being ready for the baby, only to feel like I'm totally unprepared again, more on that later too!

Maternity leave

We have a new routine, and it's pretty great! Squidge used to go to Nanny & Grandad's Mon-Thurs for the days I worked. Now I'm on leave, he's with me on Monday, Nanny & Grandad on Tues & Weds, me again on Thursday and then a full day in Nursery on a Friday. So far, I've spent almost all my Tues, Weds & Friday's busy with clinic appointments, nail appointments and other appointments. Today is (I think) the first day I've been able to stay at home, not get up early (which is a blessing in disguise as I was up with Squidge a lot last night!) and do what I like, it's great!

I'm planning on taking the full 9 months, but we'll have to see how we do financially, I may have to go back sooner if things are too tight.

Hospital stay
Pictures from my hospital stay

So, scroll back about 2-3 weeks. It's a Friday, I drop Squidge at nursery - one of the staff are delayed in taking him as she's cleaning up some sick. I think nothing of it. In the afternoon I get a call from nursery to say Squidge has been sick. Not alarming to most people, but this was the first time he's thrown up where there hasn't been a reason (like drinking too much too quickly etc). He comes home happy as larry, and when he goes to bed, he's sick again. Thankfully that was the last of it. The next day Daddy and I are off out on our last date night of the year and before the baby comes. We head into town to a lovely Italian restaurant.

We have a lovely meal, and head home about 11pm. I have a bad night, I'm kept awake with some awful heartburn and acid reflux. At about 4:30am hubby wakes up and hears me propped up and breathing heavily, he asks if he can get me anything. I say maybe a glass of water, and almost as a joke I say 'and maybe a sick bucket', quite tongue in cheek.

He pops downstairs (bear in mind, we're staying with our in-laws who are looking after Squidge) and gets me a glass of water. While he's there, I get that dreaded hot saliva in my mouth, I'm surrounded by beautiful white linen and no idea where I could be sick - I knew I wouldn't make it to the bathroom, and I'm not wearing a nighty! With that, thinking I have it under control, I projectile throw up all over the bed, all over myself, absolutely everywhere... hubby walks in the room to spewed up lasagne all over everything. He's frantically trying to save the mattress and starts scooping up the sick with his hands and piling it into nappy bags... he brings me towels, and I go stand in the bath and use the shower head to try and rinse myself off. Just 4 hrs later, hubby is also throwing up and feeling awful, we now think we have food poisoning.

Then the diarrhoea starts and boy is it horrendous... over the next 24ish hours, I'm sick 8 times, and have 17/18 bouts of awful diarrhoea. Now it's Monday morning and 5:30, I haven't been sick since 2pm on Sunday and boom, both happen at the same time... I've been awake most of the night, and haven't felt the baby move. So I call the assessment unit and they ask me to come in, thankfully (and because I could be contagious), I have a room to myself. Thing is, when you go in, you need to do a wee sample, which I couldn't do. I hadn't had a wee in over a day! I managed about half a teaspoon of sample and that was enough for them to see quite a lot of protein and that I was very dehydrated.

They admit me and want me to go on a drip and give me anti-sickness meds through the IV. I manage a poop sample for them too (glamorous I know!). At this point, I'm still convinced I have food poisoning. 

They keep me in overnight, I have 2 drips, one that lasts for 2 hrs, and another that lasts for 6 hrs and slowly I'm able to start having sips of water and get some sleep.

Tuesday afternoon (about 4:30) I'm discharged, and have a scan booked in for the next day to check the baby. They wanted me to stay overnight, but I'm feeling so much better they're happy for me to go. My first set of results of the poop sample come back, and the enzyme for c.diff is present - no salmonella or anything like that, just c.diff... we still have no idea where I could have picked that up... 

Scan of Dot

It's a good week before I start feeling properly better again and I'm not feeling sick after eating/drinking. Hubby is off sick all week too, feeling just as rough. Even my mother-in-law picked up a bit of the bug and had a bad night of it - followed by days of exhaustion. 

What a crazy week that was! The good news is that the baby was fine :) 

Prepared or unprepared?

One thing the hospital stay taught me was that my hospital bag was nowhere near ready! (more on that later this week) This really belongs in the next update... but the other day we got the baby car seat out we used with Squidge, we'd been keeping in the garage. Today I thought I'd check it out and take the covers off to put in the washing machine. However, when I went to do that I realised how filthy it had gotten in the damp garage, and as a result the covers are seriously mouldy - not something I'd want to put a newborn in, even after going through the washing machine. It's also covered in cobwebs and both alive and dead spiders, shudders.

I've contacted the company who make the travel system we have, and as much as they still make it, it's been reimagined since we bought ours, so their new car seats aren't compatible with what we have. So I'm left with the dilemma of whether we do our best to clean up the old one and hope the baby doesn't arrive for a couple days, or order a replacement and again, hope the baby doesn't arrive before the car seat... 

I now wish I'd just gotten rid of the old travel system and bought a new one, we wouldn't be facing this issue :( 

How have I been?

It's been a hard few weeks. I've been having a lot of sleepless nights being kept away with acid reflux. If you're not sure what that is, basically I'm asleep, on my left side (the good side) and I'll be woken up by a mouthful of stomach acid and some sick in my mouth. I'll cough my lungs up, take a rennie and have to sit up for sometimes hours, waiting for it to ease off. When that's not keeping me awake I'm waking up with awful heartburn and the need to have 3 wee's a night.  In the day, I'm also heartburn crazy. My lower back is super achy, and there's a lot of very low down pain from the pressure of the baby. Also getting daily tightnings/braxton hicks, mostly in the evenings. Generally I'm just really tired and achy, it's definitely taking it's toll on my body more this time around!

I do have a sweep booked for this Friday - they're keen for me to go naturally and avoid induction (which I am too!). Induction is provisionally booked for when I'm 41 weeks, so my sweeps are starting from 39 weeks and 2 days. We'll see!

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  1. It was an eventful week! Heartburn is awful, I slept sitting up on five pillows for the last trimester. It will all be worth it xx


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