Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pregnancy Roundup | Weeks 28-32

31 week baby bump

Excuse the tummy bumps in the pic above - they're the draw strings on my PJ bottoms :) How is this pregnancy going so fast!? I can't believe I'm sat here, in my jammies writing this and I'm 32 weeks pregnant. It only feels like a couple weeks ago I excitedly waited for hubby to come upstairs to bed so I could show him the positive pregnancy test! But that was late Nov/early Dec last year! How time flies.

I'm ever growing and my belly is becoming rounder and more uncomfortable by the day. Jeans have become very uncomfortable to wear, but they're still my go-to for work. Oh yeah, speaking of work, I only have 2 weeks left (2 weeks today actually) until I finish for maternity leave! By that time I'll be 34 weeks, meaning I'll officially be 'full term' (37 weeks) from the 19th July (due date is 9th Aug).

Dot in a scan at 31 weeks

I had a scan just over a week ago, and Dot is still breech. They're still not too concerned as there's plenty of time for him to move/turn.  He's growing nicely and all seems well, so they're happy at the moment. I have another scan when I'm 35 weeks, so hopefully he'll have turned by then, fingers crossed! They also weighed me, in total I've gained 8lbs, so they're really happy with that - should all be the weight of the baby (3.5lbs), amniotic fluid, placenta and all the extra blood I'm carrying (2litres).

Symptoms-wise, it's been heartburn city, especially if I haven't drunk enough in the day. I'm not sleeping that well, and I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable, but that's to be expected. My feet haven't been as swollen this time, which I think is partly down to wearing jeans/socks/shoes instead of dresses and ballet pumps (they always swell with those!). My allergies still aren't great too, but they haven't been keeping me up at night as much as before (apart from last night!).

big baby bump

Oh and my boobs have been leaking colostrum! This never happened with Squidge, so new to me in pregnancy. I think I'm going to see if I can buy some 1 ml syringes and start expressing small amounts and freezing them ready for when Dot is born :) 

I also want to buy a cord tie for when he's born to use instead of the usual plastic clamp. Technically, they're crocheted and with cotton, so I could easily make one myself, but I really need the care instructions, so I'm going to buy one/have one made.

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  1. Leaky boobs! I'd forgotten about that. And only 2 weeks to go, that has gone by so fast. I love your bump and only 8 pounds, well done. I put on so much with both of mine xx


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