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Fathers day gift guide | 2017

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I've been thinking a lot on what Squidge, Dot and I can get hubby as a fathers day present this year, and I'm still pretty perplexed over what to get. Last year he got lots of nice tool-type stuff, like a Stanley tool belt (super useful!), a small tool box for around the house, things like that. This year I want to get him something different. We moved house a year ago and there's still tonnes we need to do, so here's a look at some of the things I've been considering.

Big budget - £250+
Panasonic speaker

As much as it's out of our price range, a girl can dream eh! We've been eyeing up sound bars and wifi speakers for some time, but I'm yet to decide on what one will get us the best value for our money. What I love about this one, apart from the sleek modern look, is the fact that we could utilise our music subscriptions (I'm on Apple Music, hubby is on Amazon) to stream music to the speaker, exactly what we want. Better yet, the sound quality will be excellent, unlike our current solution (a small iPod speaker we subsequently don't use). The Panasonic CD speakers look beautiful, and I love that you can still put actual CDs in them, as we still like to buy CDs for our collection. If you're interested in this piece of kit, it'll set you back £379.99.

Nintendo switch

And while it's hard to get hold of, I couldn't put this slightly geeky guide together without giving mention to the Nintendo Switch. We bought one back in April, waited for it to be back in stock, and it was delivered mid-end May. It's such a great little console! Handheld with a high quality touch screen, and the pop it in the holder, plug the holder into the TV and you have yourself a full on console that multiple people can play on the TV. The games out for it are great (Mario Kart 8 deluxe, Zelda, Street Fighter 2, and SO many more). It's expensive, but in my opinion, worth it *if* you can get hold of it. It'll set you back around £279 (depend on deals etc).

Medium budget - £50-150
LEGO Mosaic Maker

If Daddy is a bit of a Lego geek (I'm literally surrounded by Lego fans!) then why not visit the Leicester Square store in London and head to the mosaic maker. For £99 you can have a lego portrait of you made. The portrait could be of Daddy, or the kiddies, or all of you :) Whatever you like really :) Plus it doubles up as a task, as it'll give you the instructions and bricks to make it all.

Small budget - Under £50
Tetris light

Here we're talking geeky things. I've had my eye on these for the hubby for a while, I think they're really cool and love how they work. You can configure the Tetris lights in any arrangement where they fit together, just like Tetris. My only reservation now is having a toddler in the house, he'd see it as a toy, and of course, if he can't play with it, there might be tantrums. These cost £23.96 on Amazon.

It's also worth mentioning escape rooms. They're taking the country by storm. In Wales alone, we have something like 17 of them now, and each one keeps re-inventing their puzzles and themes. Depending on whether you get a special deal or pay full price, you're looking at around £10-25 a head, and generally, a different challenge every time.

Squidge painting

If times are tight, you could get creative and do some crafts. Personally, some of my favourite presents to receive are ones Squidge has made for me, you really can't beat it. So why not get a piece of paper from your toddlers sketch pad, get out the glue stick, glitter, pens and stickers, write 'Happy Fathers Day' on the front and let the little ones go nuts decorating it. Then just spend the day making Daddy feel special - you really can't put a price on that :) 

Hopefully you'll find the perfect present for the Daddy in your life :)
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  1. I love these ideas, everyone loves homemade cards from their little ones. I would love the speaker too, we are the same having lots of music we could stream if only we had a decent speaker.

    1. Yeah, it's hard to beat a homemade card :) I love that the speaker you can play CD's on too :)

  2. A Lego portrait! Wow! I had no idea you could get those, what a fab idea. I also think you can't go wrong with a homemade card. We have quite the collection now!

    1. Yeah it's fantastic, love the idea of it :) Yeah homemade cards are fantastic :D

  3. I've been eyeing up the Nintendo Switch, I know my husband would love it!

    1. It's honestly amazing! There's a big wait for it though, once we bought it we had to wait weeks for it to be in stock again :)

  4. I would love that mosaic! I have Lego nuts here too x

    1. It's such a great idea isn't it! I'd love to get one done of each of us as a bit of a 'family portrait' :D

  5. Lots of great ideas here. Hubby would love the techno things especially the Nintendo x


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