Monday, 5 June 2017

A mini babymoon

View from Goodwick beach

I almost can’t bring myself to call this a babymoon, as it was really going back home to Fishguard to visit family, but instead of staying in the family home, we stayed in a friend’s mobile home on a caravan park (Dinas Country Club).  However, given our funds, it’s the best we could do, and boy did we make the most of it.

Squidge pulling a suitcase
He really wanted to pull the suitcase to the car, he did a great job :) 

We packed up the car on Thursday morning and headed off for Pembrokeshire (where I used to live). The weather was forecast to be awful the whole time we were there, constant rain, boo. But when we got there, it wasn’t too bad. We stopped at the shops for some essential supplies (bread, butter, chocolate obvs). 

We got to the van about 2pm (I think) and unpacked. Once that was done, we went to see ‘Grandad Roddy’, or ‘Dada Rorry’ as Squidge calls him. On the odd occasion I referred to him as Grandad by accident (and not Grandad Roddy), I was swiftly corrected by the little man ‘Not Dada, DADA RORRY’ :)

We had dinner from the chippy, a rather fancy one, which was lovely, and headed home. As the van was new to Squidge, and everything was exciting, he took about 2 hrs to get to sleep and a lot of encouragement. It was his first time sleeping in a double bed!

Once he was asleep, we plugged in the Nintendo Switch and played Mario Kart until we went to bed. That night, we did not sleep well. Not only was it a new bed, but it rained all night, which kept us awake. Then Squidge woke at 6:30. 

Daddy and Squidge on the beach
Daddy and Squidge walking to the sea front

Friday it rained up until about midday. We went and picked up Grandad Roddy, and went down to Goodwick to our fav lunch spot (The Farmhouse Kitchen) - Daddy had a burger which was great, I had a toastie which was lovely, and Grandad had a baguette - be bought Squidge a picnic plate and had milkshakes. 

Squidge was brilliant, he stayed sat in his chair (not a high chair) the whole time. Once lunch was done, we went down to the sea front and took him to Ocean Lab to the £1 soft play there, it’s only tiny, but it was only him there, so he had a blast. By this time the weather was amazing – over 16 degrees and very very warm in the sun (you could feel yourself burn!). 

Squidges first time on a helter skelter
First time on a helter-skelter - he was so brave after being so frightened at the top!

While on his first helter skelter outside Ocean Lab he spotted ‘Sand pit!’, he means ‘the beach’ which was about 10ft away from where we were standing. The most and only annoying thing about this – as it was raining when we left, we didn’t bring swimming stuff with us, or the bucket and spade, or the sun block etc. It was all in the van. Either way, we made the most of it. I bought another bucket and spade from Ocean Lab and a new bottle of factor 50 sun block. For the first hour or so Squidge and Daddy were skimming stones by the sea, then when they came back up, I had the bucket and spade and Squidge took it down to the sea’s edge.

Goodwick beach
Goodwick beach, the Fishguard side of the breakwater, super still, no wind at all

He made lots of friends and played with a few children, running in and out of the sea as the tide would come in and out with the waves, he thought it was really funny. We had to take his trousers and shoes off for that bit, leaving him in a nappy and a long sleeved top! No pics I’m afraid, there was a naked 3 year old Squidge made friends with, so I didn’t take any pics.

After being tuckered out from the beach, and no nap, we went back to Grandad Roddy’s and got a take away. Once we’d had that we headed back to the van and Squidge crashed, he was shattered!

Lovely carvings at the caravan site
One of the many carvings around the caravan park, made from the stump of an in-situ tree

Saturday the weather was still nice and we decided to have a day of no driving and stayed at the van, we invited Grandad Roddy to come and chill with us. Squidge realised we’d brought his balance bike, so Daddy spent a lot of the day running around the caravan park keeping up with super-fast Squidge :) In the evening we headed to the clubhouse and had dinner, with an exhausted Squidge. It was a bit tricky, but we got through dinner and got the little man back and asleep, albeit about an hour later than we’d have liked.

Once he was asleep, we played Mario Kart until about 11pm when we were ready for bed. Just as we were turning the console off, I’d seen that a news flash had come through on my phone about a van driving into people in London, so we put BBC News 24 on to see what was going on, and to our horror a terror attack seemed to be unfolding. We stayed up until about 1:30-2am watching the news and seeing eye-witness people calling in with horrendous accounts of what had happened. We went to bed feeling sick to our stomachs, and I was on the verge of waking up Squidge to give him the biggest cuddle, but sense prevailed. Squidge slept until 8am, such a poppet.

A nice nook at the caravan site
A nook I really like at the caravan site right by the clubhouse

Sunday morning was spent packing up and cleaning the van, then at 12:30 we went back to the clubhouse for Sunday lunch, it was great! Good food and well priced. Squidge got the vanilla ice cream he’d been asking for so was one happy boy, despite waking up tired and grumpy (just like mummy). We headed straight home from there, and got home about 5:30 after a long break half way.

Squidge on Daddy's back
Once we were back home it was back to normality, and using Daddy as a horse :P

It was a lovely couple of days, and as we stayed somewhere different, it felt more like a little holiday than heading down that way has ever felt before. Just what we needed. The only downfall of the break was the horrendous wifi… if you managed to connect, it was too slow to actually update anything. Very frustrating after the London attack when I was trying to find out if friends and family in the area were ok, but in the grand scheme of things, pretty insignificant.

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