Monday, 22 May 2017

Thoughts on becoming a 2nd time mum

Back after I had Squidge, I made a list of all the things I’d do differently next time. Well, that ‘next time’ is soon to be a reality I thought I’d revisit the post and see what I think now, a year and a half on from when I wrote it.

What I said in Oct, 2015
1.       Make more of an effort with breastfeeding
2.       Wear them more
3.       Baby-led weaning
4.       Get a co-sleeper
5.       Print, file and frame photos

What my list looks like now
Make more of an effort with breastfeeding
Absolutely still agree with this. At the time, I thought I gave it my all. But looking back, I could have done more. I did try every day, but he just screamed and screamed – it didn’t help that he was really blocked up (nose) from a complicated birth. I expressed several times a day so that until my supply ran out (when he was about 6 weeks old) he at least had all the breast milk I could produce.

Wear them more
Still stick by this – I’m researching a new stretchy sling at the moment for wearing him around the house more. Especially as I’ll have Squidge to look after too. In reality, I’m probably too big to wear a nice fabric/woven sling, but I know I can wear a stretchy one. I still have the one I had with Squidge, but I think it’s gone a bit slack now, so need a new one.

Baby-led weaning
For the most part I still agree with this, I’ll definitely give him more finger foods to explore. I’m not sure if my heart could take him rubbing puree into his hair and all over the place. With Squidge we did normal feeding, and he sort of forced us into baby-led as it’s all he wanted to do (feed himself), so we just went with it.

Get a co-sleeper
While I love the idea of this, we just don’t have the budget to spend on something like this. So Dot will be going in Squidge’s old moses basket (don’t worry, we’re buying a new mattress for it). It’s just so tempting to buy everything new! It would have been lovely to have had a co-sleeper with a see-through side so I could have kept an eye on him in the night and he could have seen me, but it’s just not an option for us.

Print, file and frame photos
Since writing this point (Oct, 2015) I actually started doing that more with Squidge. In fact, just last night I sat down and went through a load of photos I’d had printed from Lalalab and put some into an album I picked up at Paperchase. I still have loads and loads of photo’s I need to put into albums, I just need to buy some more :)

Be more laid back
I got stressed and overwhelmed a lot with Squidge. This time I’m hoping to take it in my stride a *little more* as hopefully it won’t be as much as a culture shock as I’m already a mummy and know what it entails. I know it’ll be more work than I can get my head around at this point, and whereas with Squidge when he was a newborn if he was up all night, we’d sleep in until say 10am, there’ll be none of that now as Squidge will be up at like 7am.

Balancing time with them both
This one I'm already nervous about - Squidge gets as much of my attention as he wants/needs right now, and when Dot arrives that'll change, which makes me nervous. I already have mum guilt about that and it's just something I have to accept. On the flipside, if I'm spending lots of time with Squidge, I'm worried I'll feel like I'm neglecting the baby.

Being organised will be key! (huh, we'll see about that)
Anyone who knows me knows I like to make lists and be organised. I feel like what will help me feel more in control is trying to be organised and prepared (as much as I can be!). I think my bullet journaling skills will be utilised here! That and copious amounts of coffee!

Squidge running off - fear
The big thing that worries me is when I venture out with both of them. At the moment Squidge will jump in the pram happily while we go over to the shops etc, but when there's a baby in the pram he won't be able to do that... I'm so worried he'll run off (something he likes to do) and I won't be able to keep up as I can't just leave the baby to run after him. How do people cope???

Do you have any tips for being a mummy of two under three?


  1. A buggy board is useful as my oldest loved riding on it while his brother was in the buggy, or you could get a second hand double buggy? Reins are good too, a cute little back pack set are often more appealing to wear then you'll have peace of mind that he can't run off. You'll be more flexible with a sling too. You'll work it out as you go, and it will be second nature in no time xx

  2. I am so excited for the newest edition of your family! You seem to have the perfect little bubba already so I'm sure you will be an excellent mum to the both x

  3. So exciting. It's quite an adjustment. I defo didn't get the balance right between the two of them for a long time. Still don't I think. I must admit I loved my co sleeper. Didn't have one with my eldest but loved it on my youngest x


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