Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Our bank holiday weekend

Squidge tuckered out after a big weekend

As you know, this weekend was a bank holiday weekend. We didn't really have anything planned, and as always I had Friday off. We barely left the house, but still managed to have a great time, here's what we got up to.

Our umbrella fell over

The weather was beautiful so I'd planned on Squidge and I spending the day in the garden. There were only 2 things we needed to wait in the house for, that was the Waitrose delivery (between 8-9am), and then the delivery of our new Nintendo Switch (2-3pm). Once the shopping had been and we'd had breakfast, we headed out to the garden and slathered ourselves in sun block. Squidge started off playing with his water table, then his slide, then his balance bike, then did some digging, while intermittently ducking into his little tent for a 5 min timeout and a drink.

We headed in for lunch about 12:30 and waited for the Switch to be delivered (excitement overload for me!). When we went back outside, our big umbrella had fallen over! I had a feeling this would happen  as it was really windy, and it sounded like the umbrella was wiggling free of the paving slab.

It was easy enough to pick back up, but I had to fold it up as I can't pick up the paving slab to secure it. A bit later on Squidge wanted his paddling pool, so I got him in his wet suit and eventually got the warmth of the water right (that was an effort!) and he happily sat in it for 40 mins while waiting for Daddy to come home. He kept saying 'Daddy come home and see me sat in paddling pool' :)

Squidge waiting for Daddy in the paddling pool

Once Daddy was home, we seized the opportunity to whip out the BBQ for the first time this year. We had Asda burgers (which were surprisingly delicious) and some herby garlic chicken, with some salad and coleslaw. Squidge loved it, he loves eating outside, although it's tricky to keep him in his seat as he constantly wants to run off to play (what 2 year old doesn't!).

Squidge playing Mario Kart for the first time

In all honesty, I have a lot of trouble remembering what we get up to on a Saturday! I remember Squidge woke up early, 6:30 and so we were really tired in the morning after being kept up by the crazy thunderstorm that had happened overnight. 

I do remember one thing though, Squidge waking up from his nap, coming downstairs and playing Mario Kart (8 deluxe) on the Nintendo Switch for the first time, and this was his face... pure glee.

Squidge dressed as a builder

On Sunday Squidge woke fairly early again, but he jumped into bed with us and played on my phone (YouTube Kids) for a while just to give us a little extra snoozing time. Once we were up and fed we had a play and after lunch we went to visit our friends who had just moved house (literally 2 days before). Squidge had a little nap on the way there, which kept him going the rest of the day. 

Gardening with Daddy

Once we were home he really wanted to go outside, so we headed out to do some weeding in the garden and he had a blast! I don't remember ever loving gardening, but he really does, it's so nice. He just loves helping so much, and he's a really good garden helper :)

Squidge wearing dummies as earrings

Daddy places dummies on Squidge's ears, Squidge looks at me and says "Like Mummy!" <3

Not quite as lazy as the previous day. We started with breakfast, then Daddy took Squidge over to Asda to get some essentials (lime marmalade, bread, croissants... you know, the things you can't live without) :) While they were out, I set the dining table up with some crafts for Squidge (glitter glue, sequins, crayons etc) which he absolutely loved. I've yet to find a way to teach him how to hold a pen properly, any suggestions are welcome!

After that and after lunch we went to B&Q to pick up a planer for the alcoves hubby is building, and a couple hanging baskets for out the front. Once we were home we put a film on and I crashed on the sofa (much to the annoyance of Squidge!) while trying to give paracetamol time to rid me of my headache.

Later in the afternoon Squidge was bored, so Daddy asked if he wanted to go outside, Squidge smiled and excitedly said 'yes!' so off they went to do more weeding. I pottered about in the house for a bit before joining them, this time I planted some seeds in my propagator and we each planted a sunflower seed (so see who's grows the biggest). We had some dinner and wound down our day.

It really was a lovely weekend, and Squidge was really well behaved for most of it - he's mostly difficult towards the end of the day as he gets really tired, which is fair enough.

By this morning he was totally tuckered out, and the pic at the very top is how I found him this morning when I went to wake him up to go to Nanny and Grandads <3

How was your bank holiday weekend?

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