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The Wedding Singer musical | New Theatre Cardiff

The Wedding Singer poster

Last night a bunch of other local mummy bloggers and I went to the New Theatre (somewhere I find myself going more and more recently to see all of their lovely plays) to see the stage production of The Wedding Singer.

The Wedding Singer is one of my favourite films. I've harboured a love for Adam Sandler films for a long time and this is possibly my favourite of all. I think the first time I watched it was probably somewhere between 2002-2005, and instantly loved it! It stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and it's a comical love story with lots of 80s music, outfits and big colourful hair. The soundtrack is truly epic - filled with Bowie, Sugar Hill Gang, Culture Club, Nena, Billy Idol, Hall & Oats, The Police and more... in fact, here's the spotify playlist for the soundtrack :) 

The Musical
The Wedding Singer stage

When we sat down, the stage curtain was up and the stage was set up with a big bill board sign which they were playing 80s film trailers on, I absolutely loved this touch, perfect for setting the scene.

It started off as it meant to go on, loud and with lots of singing and dancing - a really impressive start. I've never seen a musical before, so I don't have any point of reference to compare this to.

The costumes were fantastic, lots of coloured hair, flock of seagulls hair (hehe), pastel suits with the sleeves rolled up, fish net leggings - it was great! The singers were amazing, really powerful voices - there really is an art to being able to dance and sing at the same time and they'd really perfected it.

The musical followed the film pretty well, lots of the script was used, but there were quite a few differences too *SPOILER ALERT* like in the film, Robbie serenades Julia on the plane on the way to Vegas, but in the musical it's done actually in Vegas in a wedding chapel - so the same basic plot, but changed for stage.

It was such an impressive and imposing show, and has definitely left me interested in seeing more musicals, where in the past I'd never have considered them.

My only gripe was that there was no actual music from the film in it - the 2 tracks Adam Sandler wrote (Somebody kill me, Grow old with you) were both in it and were brilliant (especially Somebody kill me - that had a great round of applause!), but I'd really hoped to see Rosie (the Gran in the musical played by Ruth Madoc) sing Rapper's Delight by Sugar Hill Gang, and hear Dear or Alive and Culture Club, but none of that was included. It must be a royalties issue, but disappointing nonetheless. 

Overall it was an excellent evening that I really enjoyed. I laughed a lot and even got a little lump in my throat when Robbie sang 'Grow old with you'.

The show is on until Saturday 4th March at the New Theatre here in Cardiff, so if you're a fan of the film, or a fan of musicals, I'd really recommend going as I had such a blast :D You can get tickets on the New Theatre website.

For more information, see the New Theatre website. Here's a little behind-the-scenes video to whet your appetite :) 

A big huge thank you to the New Theatre for inviting us along to have such a great evening, we really did have a blast! :) Here's a picture of us courtesy of Cardiff Mummy Says :)

Photo of local Cardiff mummy bloggers

Pictured L-R: Jo  from First time Valley Mam | Sally from Teddybears and Cardigans | Alina from We Made This Life | Kerry from All About a Mini Norris | Moi! | Cathryn from Cardiff Mummy Says

Let me know if you decide to go and what you think of it :) 
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*Disclaimer - attendance was complimentary in exchange for an honest review


  1. I really enjoyed this and must watch the film! I thought the whole thing was full of energy and the sets amazing. It was a great night out

  2. It does look like an awesome night, if probably be singing along!

  3. It was a great night, so glad you had fun! :)


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