Thursday, 24 November 2016

Slimming World | Week 1

So we’ve managed our first week of slimming world, we’ve hopped on the scales and seen our results.  How did it go?

Not as expected… no gain no loss, exactly the same as last week.  So there’s a couple of caveats on that. One, we had a bad week the week before which could be affecting this weigh-in – we basically ate out nearly every night as we were having painting done in the house and had to keep Squidge upstairs. Also, we’re not sure if our scales are working properly. Hubby jumped on them, saw a couple lbs loss, then knocked them by accident, put them back, jumped on them again and they were back to showing the same weight as last week… 

Either way, we’re not remotely deterred! We know if we stick to the plan, we’ll lose weight.

Every day I was under my syn allowance apart from one day (Friday) when I went out with a friend for a couple drinks. I opted for gin (25ml) and slimline tonic – I had 4 all together (one more than planned, oops). Syn wise that was 12 syns, so under the 15 target, but with other food I’d had that day it put me slightly over. However, all other days either side of it I’d been around 5 syns a day, so there was plenty to spare.

40g porridge oats (HE), 150ml milk (HE), 1 chopped apple, 1 tsp Truvia, 1 tsp cinnamon

I’ve been trying hard to make sure we have a third of a plate of veg with our meals too, where we can. Here’s what a typical meal plan has been like for us.

Weekday breakfast
40g oats with 150ml of milk (or a mullerlight yoghurt for overnight oats) and a handful of fruit (raspberries, strawberries and blueberries).

Weekend breakfast 
1 slice of medium toast, 2 teaspoons of butter, vine roasted cherry tomatoes and 4 slices of very lean bacon, or the toast and bacon with poached eggs instead of vine tomatoes.

Garlic and tomato wholemeal pasta or vegetable rice with 2 slices of honeydew melon for afters.
Tin of mackerel in sauce

Snack – fresh fruit – apple/plum/orange

Meat, lots of vegetables and some potato, or quorn Swedish style meatballs in a homemade garlic and basil tomato sauce with pasta. I did also cook an amazing beef stew at the weekend in the slow cooker, only 2 syns in the whole thing!
Dessert – Mullerlight yoghurt or nothing

40g porridge oats (HE), 150ml milk (HE), handful of raspberries and strawberries

All in all I think we’re doing pretty good. We’re only using spray olive oil (7 sprays = half syn) as I really struggle with the taste of fry light (yep I’ve tried the butter one and the olive oil one, all taste like chemicals).  I’m sticking to plan and I’m sure we’ll see a loss next week, as long as it’s not our scales that are acting up :)


  1. Well done and how disappointing that your scales are not working!I am sure you will have lost weight and so glad you are sticking with it (you can always use my scales )

  2. Good Job Georgina stick with it. I gave up using electronic scales and have gone back to mechanical but am still porky!

  3. I'm guessing that by now you have other things on your mind! Still like the ideas for meals though x


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