Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Squidge | 2 year update

Tredegar house on his 2nd birthday

My gosh, 2 years.... 2 YEARS! How is my little 6lb 9oz baby now 2 years old? Oh Squidge, could you please slow down your growth, it's so hard to keep up.

Normally when I do a Squidge update, I'll compare one month to the previous one. This time, I'm comparing year 1 to year 2 (you can see his previous update here).


Fast asleep in the morning

Fast asleep in bed at night

Oh, isn't sleep a mystical creature!  For the most part (I can't believe I'm committing pen to paper with this) he's a good sleeper.  Just recently (the last 3-4 weeks) he's regularly been waking up at night, but not unhappy, just needing the blanket to be put back over him, or needing a little cuddle. The biggest issue has been in getting him to sleep at night. During the day he's become really easy to get to nap, it takes about 10 mins at most and he'll sleep for 1-2 hrs (usually closer to 2). But when it comes to bed time at night, it's taking us between 1-2 hrs to get him to sleep. 

Typically he's not upset or screaming, but shouting for us.  We *have* to go in, as he'll have thrown his dummy/teddy's and blanket out of his cot and simply won't fall asleep without them. It's his way to get us back in his room.  And often, if I put him down, only Daddy will actually be able to settle him and vice versa.  So as a result, it's unusual for our evenings to begin before 9pm.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I treasure every single moment with Squidge, good or bad, and never take a second of it for granted. Would it be nice to have more evening? Yes, but there's time for that when he's older. I didn't have him not to spend any time with him.


Eating breakfast

Last year I talked about him being on the lean side and struggling to get food in him - basically nothing has changed. He's still very lean, and he's still not a great eater. I have a couple meals which I know he'll eat, but I don't like to make them too often as I don't want him to get bored of them. He really likes veg again which is great, he loves broccoli and carrots, especially with a little gravy.
He loves fish, chicken and pasta and of course, chocolate :) Whenever we eat something, he'll look at us making mmmmmh? sounds, wanting a taste, which of course, we always share with him (unless it's something he can't have). 


Lying in the day bed

Yep, still going through that, but his teething symptoms are different now. He'll just be feisty and biting on things, or hard to settle. With a dose of Nurofen he'll turn into a different child as it takes the edge off.  We'll still give teething gel too. I think he's just got one set of molars left to come, maybe 2, it's hard to tell as it's the far back ones.


Blowing bubbles

Well, things have improved since his last update, understandably! He's a proper little chatterbox now! There's lots and lots of words he says really clearly and LOTS of words he only says part of (like bus is 'bu'). His walking and running is great, he doesn't fall over so much anymore, but hey, he's been walking for over a year now. 

His understanding is fantastic, he basically understands everything that's said to him and in front of him. And today he counted to 4 - he was moving little metal cars and counted, one, two, three, four! Totally unprompted :) 

The terrible two's have well and truly hit with daily screeching tantrums and displays of a strong-willed little boy. Also this week has brought on a new word 'okay' he uses it like yes (but he can't say yes yet).  We'll be sitting having dinner, and he'll be saying 'daddy' (as in, he wants to sit on Daddy's lap), so I'll say 'You want to sit on Daddy's lap' and he'll say 'okay'... so cute!

There's a million other things he's doing but my mind fails me right now!


Walking with Grandad Roddy

For TV, he absolutely adores Hey Duggee (yay!), he also really likes Thomas the Tank Engine, Postman Pat and In the Night Garden - they're his staples.  Recently we also had Adventure Time on and he really liked that too.  For films, he's LOVING the Minion film (he loves minions!), he also likes Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Wall-E, and all the Studio Ghibli films.

For toys, he has 2 teddy's in his cot with him, rabbit (which is covered in lint) and baa baa (his sheep). He loves playing with his BRIO and cars, and really likes activities like drawing and sticking (with stickers) oh and playdoh, he LOVES that.

He's had an absolutely cracking year - he's such a good boy, not very naughty. He's only had a couple accidents, one in the bath where he bit right through his tongue (his tongue got embedded on a tooth!) and he also fell and hurt his private parts (which bled... that was only a couple weeks ago). But other than a few colds, he's been absolutely fine.


Monday, 10 October 2016

The Big Hair Do | Ken Picton

Ken Picton

A couple weeks ago I found myself having the pampering of a lifetime. I was sat in a back massage chair while having my hair washed with the most fantastic smelling shampoos (Kerastase) and having a head massage, talk about bliss!

Hair styling

After that, I had my hair styled by an absolutely fantastic stylist.  She started off by putting soft luscious waves in my hair with the straighteners, but since my hair is so heavy she upped the anti with a curling wand which was great as the curls lasted all the next day too :) 

All this happened while I had a cocktail in hand (King of Italy - Prosecco, Amaretto with a sugar cube at the bottom) and delightful canap├ęs. 


After having my hair done (it seriously smelled amazing!), I had my nails painted by the lovely Bianca with Essie nail polish. I went for my classic go-to red 'A list'. 

Self wales blogging tribe selfie
My south wales blogging tribe

The big hair do was a nationwide event which pulled together 100 salons all over the UK to host a pamper evening where consumers, press and bloggers could sample their local salon's services and have a nice evening out. They even put together some pretty impressive goody bags - ours included a GHD paddle brush (this has replaced my old paddle brush and is a gazillion times better!), a full size Essie pro nail polish and some lovely hair care products.

Good bag contents
We had an absolute blast, it was so lovely being pampered and having time to catch up with my local blogging friends and super lovely to experience the Ken Picton salon for the first time. I'll definitely be back soon!
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* The gifts and services were complimentary
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