Monday, 22 August 2016

Why you should ignore the Tots100 scores

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I see a lot of people getting upset or ebullient when the tots100 rankings get updated each month, I used to be one of them.

My old blog, Makeup-Pixi3 has been as high as 202, but you know what? It means nothing. I currently have 3 blogs, this one and 2 that are inactive. You’d be surprised just how well the inactive blogs rank in the Tots100, even my blog that hasn’t been updated in over a year and gets almost no daily views!

In the August 2016 charts, this is how they fared…

Tots score = #343
Hasn’t been updated in 2 months
Gets about 250 views a day to various posts that do ok on SEO

Tots score = #754
Hasn’t been updated in over a year
Not on it’s own domain (.blogspot)
Almost no daily views (less than 10)
Tots score = #665
Posts regularly
Similar views to Makeup-Pixi3

Each of my blogs on Tots100 has the same social media links, so they link off to Instagram (about 1200 followers), Pinterest (nearly 30k followers), Twitter (6k followers), YouTube (just over 1000 followers, inactive, not uploaded in over a year).

It seems so silly that mummy-pixie is ranked #754 out of over 20,000 parenting blogs in the UK, yet it hasn’t been updated in over a year and no one reads it. I know bloggers who post great content several times a week and rank worse than that, they have a decent DA, good social metrics.

So please, when you see your rank go down, or not do as well as you'd like, just remember how silly it all is.  If an inactive blog can rank really well when it hasn't been updated in a very long time, you know the algorithm is very silly. Just keep blogging about what you love and putting the same great content out there.


  1. This is great to read. We try so hard to make our blogs successful and some of the scoring/ranking just doesn't make sense. Glad mummy pixie is still ranking xx

  2. This is so interesting to read....
    I look at my score every month but I don't let it worry me...
    I spent 6 months last year in the top 100 and nothing changed. It's not life changing...It's just a number.

  3. That's so interesting - great to hear from someone who has 3 blogs in it! oes it show that their algorithm does work though? I'm guessing you have lots of inbound links to the first one which is probably why it ranks so high?
    I find the tots 100 thing fascinating - I currently have my lowest rank (below 1,000) despite my traffic, DA, social all being at their highest.... And only 2 months I added the code to my mobile pages! Makes no sense but not bothered about it, given up caring now! Xx


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