Monday, 1 August 2016

Thornhill farm shop Cardiff

Trikes at Thornhill farm shop

If you live anywhere near Cardiff and you're at a loose end with the kids, there's a great place you can take them that's totally FREE! Thornhill farm shop is just on the incline of Caerphilly mountain, accessible by either the mountain road (Thornhill side) or Heol Hir.

Chasing chickens at Thornhill farm shop

The highlight of our weekly trip to get our meat, is taking a little wonder around the paddocks to see the animals. There's pretty much always chickens and guinea pigs there, in fact, last time we were there one of the chickens had escaped, so I got to pick it up and put it back in it's pen :) At the moment they also have a couple donkeys, some pigs, llamas and a couple sheep. 

A pig at Thornhill farm shop

At the top near the cafe they also have a little children's area with a little tractor for them to climb in and a digger. Squidge loves jumping on one of the trikes that's a bit big for him and having a little play, oh and chasing chickens :P 

A goat at Thornhill farm shop

The site is a working farm with a shop and cafe, it's where we go most weeks to buy our meat, which is surprisingly well priced :) The farm shop is lovely, as are the staff, and often have a good stock of specialitity goods like our favourite white pudding (Clonakilty) and our favourite butter (Shirgar).

Llamas at Thornhill farm shop

Another great tip is to make sure you come back at Christmas, they set up one of their barns with xmas trees and fairy lights, and have lots of their animals in pens for the little ones to have a look at. Admission is usually about £2 a person, and you can shop xmas trees while you're there.

So if you're ever at a loose end, it's a great place to take the kids for half hour to look at the animals, just don't forget to wash your hands on the way out :) 

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