Monday, 8 August 2016

Squidge 22 month update

I know I say this every month, and pretty much have since I found out I was pregnant, but oh my gosh, where has the time gone? How is my little toddler 2 in 2 months!

This month he's gone from strength to strength. His speech has come on really well, now starting to string 3 words together like 'mummy and daddy' or 'nanny and grandad (dada)', and without prompting. And he's finally trying to say his name (3 syllables, so not easy).


He's still in 18-24 months but is starting to grow out of some of them. Bizarrely, some of the clothes he's still wearing is 9-12 months, crazy! I'm now starting to think about buying him some next size clothes as and when I see them. I've managed to save up loads of vouchers from various places, so I should be able to buy him some really nice clothes with them.

If you read my post about Caerphilly Castle you'll know he's finally gone up a size in shoes too, I couldn't believe how long he was in his last pair, 5 months! So he's now a size 6 :)

I'm also in the middle of crocheting him a hoodie (pictured above), which should be finished in the next couple of days. No clue if it'll fit, if he'll like it, if it'll be too thick or stiff, but we'll give it a go :)


Where do I begin. He's all over the place at the moment.  For the most part, he's fighting naps and night time sleep as much as he can. Often, putting him down at night is now taking up to 2 hrs, and that's 2 hrs of either me or hubby going in and out of his room, so not having much time to ourselves.

He's also had a few bad nights recently, waking up really upset, so we're not getting much sleep either, leaving us feeling like zombies again. Oh and during the week, he tends to wake up about 6:45, but Saturday and Sunday it's 5:30am now :( So a very tired mummy and daddy!

We can't complain though, he's a good sleeper most of the time, and as we always remind ourselves every time we're up in the middle of the night with him, we're so incredibly lucky to be able to get these extra cuddles. So many parents don't get to anymore - just reminding ourselves of how lucky we are, really does help us find strength to keep rocking him, or keep going in and out of his room at 3am.


He's walking and running like a trooper, in fact, he's been walking for nearly a year now - in my Timehops from a year ago he's standing unaided - and by 11 months he was walking, albeit like Captain Jack Sparrow!

His speech is brilliant, he seems to learn a new word or two every day and has a really great understanding of things.  He's loving drawing at the moment and is getting slightly better control (I really do only mean slightly!). I've seen him grab the felt tip with both hands and hold it gently at the bottom to do more controlled lines, I was really impressed with that. He's also been doing dots with the pens.

He's also been wanting me more than normal, it's usually daddy he wants, but at the moment it's all 'mummy, mummy, mummy' :) I love it, it's so lovely being wanted :) Yes I'm tired as I'm getting less rest, but it's so worth it :)

Monthly favourites

Not many monthly favourites this month, definitely drawing. He still loves Postman Pat, but not as much as he did last month. He's watching a bit more Studio Ghibli again, and enjoying Thomas the tank engine (or as he calls it 'en'deem).

At the big cheese festival in Caerphilly he LOVED getting in the fire truck and wearing a fireman's helmet too, that was definitely a monthly favourite for Squidge. I think he looked rather awesome in it too :)


As I mentioned in my last update, it's his birthday soon. I don't want to get him too much, and I think I've done pretty well so far! I've bought him some Fuzzy Felt farm animals and a rocking horse. I'm also going to get another Brio train or two, and a bit more track, but that'll probably be it.


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