Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Big Toddle

Last weekend, Squidge, Daddy & I descended on Morgan Jones Park in Caerphilly to take part in The Big Toddle.  It's a great fundraising event for Barnardo's, for under 5s.  This one was organised by a local mum who also runs a Tots Play group, and the event was a great success!

About 10-15 children all gathered at The Old Library cafe and headed out for a half mile nature trail around the park, taking in the wildlife, jumping in piles of wood chips, looking at snails in the little lake and climbing up mini mountains :)  It was so completely adorable!  Their aim was to raise £200, but I understand that they smashed that target which is fantastic!

The nature trail began with pictures of creatures to look out for along the way, Squidge loved looking at these... and the drains we walked over (he's a little obsessed with drains, especially when he can hear the water rushing past in them).

Squidge looking at signs

Then we climbed a hill where we had a group photograph, Squidge ran to the front of everyone for the photo and cried, who knows how that pic will come out (it's supposed to be going in the Caerphilly Observer!).  Squidge loved the 'DRAGGGOOON!', then looking at me, shaking his head while saying 'bite' - no Squidge, Dragons don't bite :) There was another little boy with his face painted like a lion, Squidge chased him around the park to get a good look at his face so he could go 'ROOOOAAARRR' at him :)

No Squidge, dragons don't bite

After climbing the hill, we went to the little pond to have a look for fish.  There weren't any fish in the pond but there were some sea snails.  Squidge loved looking over the fence at the water, he kept looking at me and saying 'mimmor' (mirror) at the water reflection :)

Looking for fish

He had a little break on Daddy's shoulders while we walked down to some lovely big piles of wood chips, they smelled amazing!

On Daddys shoulders

Then another break on Daddy's shoulders for the last little stint.

Daddy and Squidge

Finally, we were back at The Old Library with some cups of tea.  Squidge saw other children getting a medal and couldn't wait to get his, he was so happy!!!

Squidge with his medal
All in all we raised £388 thanks to a large donation from my work, thanks Confused.com! I'm not sure how much the whole event raised, but their target was £200, so they definitely smashed it :) Thank you to any and all who donated, it's much appreciated :) We loved taking part in such a lovely little fundraising event, it was so great to get Squidge involved in wonderful things like this at such a young age.

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  1. Look at his medal what a lovely thing to do and well done with your sponsorship. That is a lot of money


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