Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Squidge 21 month update

As of about a week ago, Squidge is now 21 months old!!! Where on earth has the time gone? Yeah I know, everyone says that every month, but it’s true! My baby has well and truly disappeared and been replaced with an awesome little dude of a toddler.


Squidge wearing the white company and john lewis

He’s still in 18-24 months clothes, although some of the trousers (leggings) are getting a little short with all his bending at the knee etc.  I held back from buying loads of proper summer clothes as I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to be like (basing this on last summer’s wash out) and I’m glad I did, it’s rained every day in Caerphilly for the last month! Instead I’ve had to go and buy more long-sleeved tops as it’s been too cool for him to wear short sleeved most of the time.

Monthly favourites

Squidge playing with Brio

I thought this would be cute to include :) At the moment for TV he’s absolutely loving Postman Pat, it’s literally ALL he ever requests to watch, by saying ‘Puh-Pat’.  He’ll still happily watch Studio Ghibli, but I have to encourage that as he really only wants to watch Postman Pat.

For toys, I bought him a ‘My first Brio’ (wooden train set pictured above) kit recently and it’s almost the only toy he’s played with since he’s had it.  He’d played with some Brio at his grandparents and goes nuts for it, so I thought I’d start him with a set at home too.  He’s also enjoyed some colouring in and lots of playing in the garden (when there’s been a dry moment) with his water table, and wooden trike.

He still cwtches his Next teddy bear his auntie bought for him before he was born, to go to sleep and calls it ‘teddy’.  But there’s also a little white rabbit he loves that he often takes to his grandparents for the day during the week.

Oh and how could I miss this off, family hugs.  If he see’s Daddy and I having a cuddle, he’ll shout ‘wake up!’ at us (even though our eyes are open, lol) and then shout ‘duddle’ at us (cuddle). I’ll pick him up, he’ll rest his head on my shoulder and then Daddy will wrap his arms around both of us. After a few moments he’ll shout ‘down’ and then insist Daddy picks him up and I cwtch them both. Very very adorable.


There’s loads he’s doing new now, almost too much to remember.  His speech is coming along really well, the main development this month is that he’s starting to string 3 words together.  So far we’ve had ‘Mummy and Daddy’ and then ‘Nanny and Grandad’ (although, he calls his Grandad ‘Dada’, so he actually says ‘Nanny and Dada’).  His Nanny also told me he said ‘on the wall’ the other day too, amazing!  

He’s become really interested in vehicles too, so trains, busses (buh!), cars (tar!) and lorry’s (worry!). In the morning when he wakes up early (5:30am at weekends, yeah thanks for that) he loves coming into our room and watching the cars go past. If he’s quiet he’ll say ‘more!’.

He’s been learning the difference between his food being hot and warm too, not that he has it hot, but if we’re cooling something down we’ll tell him it’s hot.

He’s still walking and running everywhere (well, running like a toddler), and getting very competent on his trike and pre-balance bike.


Squidge and daddy reading a bedtime story

Well as I alluded to, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays he’s been waking up at 5:30am (the days when I’m home with him and could do with a lie in!), the rest of the week he typically wakes about 6:30.

He’s still not completely settled at night in the new house.  He was waking up really scared, so we started leaving his lamp on the lowest setting (it’s one of those lamps you tap to turn on and with each tap (of 3) it gets brighter). That really seems to have helped, but he’s also been teething again on and off, so sometimes he needs a dose of Nurofen at night.

He's also started taking a really long time to get to sleep at night, like anything between 1-2 hours.  It used to be 30 mins, nice and simple.  I'm not sure if it's the new house, being poorly or something else that's bothering him, but he doesn't want to sleep.


I’ve started thinking about his birthday, as it's now just under 3 months away.  He doesn’t know enough other children to have a proper birthday party, so I think we’ll just have a little house party again like we did last year. I’m not sure what’s best to buy him though… I was thinking about getting him an expansion for his Brio and a couple more little trains, but other suggestions would be welcome! Maybe a balance bike?


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  1. My little boy will soon be two and I'm having the same issue with a party because he doesn't really know enough kids to have a "proper" party. Our house is too small to accommodate all the family to come over, we've got an awkward in between!


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