Monday, 18 July 2016

Registering your toddler as an organ donor

Squidge trying to give me a train

About a week after we moved (6 weeks ago) we went as a family to register at our new Drs.  We had to complete 3 forms each which had me writing for about 45 mins while hubby looked after Squidge.

One of the boxes we had to tick when filling out Squidge’s forms was whether or not he’ll be an organ donor.  It immediately put a lump in my throat, and even just writing this it invokes tears to try and fill up my eyes.  I called the hubby over, showed him the question.  We looked at each other and said ‘yes’.

It is pretty much the last thing I want to think about, and I can’t really let myself think about it too much, because the idea is just so upsetting.  But we knew it was the right thing to do, and could someday (hopefully it would never come to this of course), save the life of another child.

Once we left the Drs, we filed that memory away and focussed on the next task, dinner!  As it was so close to Squidge’s dinner time, there was no time to cook, so we used it as an excuse to get a Chinese from our new local which is only a few houses away, and just so happens to be awesome!

Fast forward a month or so to a couple days ago. We get home from work and walk into our house, there’s dust everywhere from the damp proof course being done, and on the console table in the hall is a bunch of mail the builders have put there for us.

Organ donor form

One letter is address to the parents/guardian of Master Kent.  I open it and it’s the letter confirming he is now a registered organ donor, and has a card for us to carry around.  I stop for a moment and show hubby the letter, both of us sharing a sad glance, and not letting us think about it for a moment longer.

The thought of ever being faced with the reality of Squidge donating his organs is horrific.  But, if I put myself in the shoes of the parents who have a child in need of a donor kidney, or heart etc, I just know that it could be the greatest gift, during the saddest time.

I wanted to blog about it because being a donor saves lives, and child donors is something they really struggle with, understandably.  I guess we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the parents of a child who needs a donor.  If you're interested in registering to be an organ donor, you can do so here.



  1. I really think everyone should automatically be registered as a donor and it should be an opt out thing....It is awful to think about donating your child's organs but it could be a lifesaver to a sick child. :(

    1. That's exactly what it's like in Wales, we're all automatically added to the donor register - or at least, I think that's already in place - quite a recent thing. But despite that, we were still asked when we registered. Yeah it is horrible thinking about that, but like you said, could be a real lifesaver to a very poorly child :(

  2. Aw, emotional stuff. But so, so important to do and to have these conversations with your family should the unthinkable happen. Have you seen the Believe campaign from Cardiff Mum Anna Bates, whose husband and son died in an accident? Her little boy Fraser has a helped save lives from his organs being transplanted. xx

    1. Exactly, it's such an important topic, but one so hard to talk about. But we both knew without even needing to discuss it, what the right decision was. Oh gosh no I haven't seen that campaign, how sad but also so wonderful to be able to help other children :(


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