Friday, 29 July 2016

Mummy & Squidge Fridays | Caerphilly Castle & new shoes

The new dragon at Caerphilly castle that drops bird feed

Last Friday I decided to take Squidge out for a little explore around our new town, Caerphilly.  I knew I wanted to get his feet measured as he's been in the same shoes for 5 months and was sure he had finally grown some more.  So we grabbed the pram and hopped on the bus and headed into town.

First off we stopped at a card shop and I treated us the lounge to a Woodwick candle to help get rid of the stink of the plaster on the walls that we're waiting to dry. I went for a hearthwick candle in the scent soft chambray - it's like a mix of Yankee sweet pea, and fresh linen - very nice and not too overpowering. Absolutely love the way it crackles too :)

New Clarks shoes

After that we headed into Clarks to get the little man measured, and yep, he was finally a size 6 (up from a 5.5), so he got new shoes :) With hindsight I should have let him choose his shoes, but as soon as we walked in there my eyes immediately went to some navy blue ones with trains on, so that's what we got, thankfully he loves them :) 

After that we headed over to Caerphilly Castle, the largest castle in Wales. We've been there once before for a wedding a few years ago, but haven't been back since we moved in. It's run by Cadw, and for local residents they do a 'key' - you bring along a passport photo, proof of address and for a few pounds (I've tried and failed to find any information about this online).

The touring dragon

Dragons don't bite

Our first stop was to see the dragon, he'll be going on a tour of Wales after this weekend. Squidge was equal parts intrigued and scared of the smoke coming out of the dragons nose.

The leaning tower
Squidge after seeing the dragon

After a good 10 mins of watching the dragon, we went on to explore the castle further. Some of it is really leaning and is cordoned off for safety, but most of the castle was open to explore :) As I had the pram with me and didn't have the hubby, we didn't explore much of it as I'd have needed to left the pram unattended (with the expensive fancy candle underneath!), and as we were heading into the castle I had a call from someone who wanted to come to the house early, so we couldn't spend long there anyway.

Entrance to Caerphilly castle

It was an absolutely beautiful day, but had been forecast to rain, it was absolutely boiling! After that we walked down the bus and headed back, detouring around Asda before heading home and putting the little man down for a nap :)


  1. I haven't been to Caerphilly castle but this looks amazing. Recently we have been to Carw castle and I would recommend this too

  2. I just love a castle - and look at that beautiful sky! It looks like such a wonderful day out x

  3. I love this castle! The tours are great too and it just goes on and on! Looks like a perfect day to me x

  4. You are so lucky to have that wonderful castle on your doorstep and love his shoes.

  5. Oooh I didn't know they did the key thing. I'll have to get one. It's lovely having a wander around there. Super cute shoes too x

  6. I really need to take the kids to see the Dragon. I flipping love Dragons! Love Squidge's new shoes too! <3

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