Thursday, 2 June 2016

Moving home

packing our old house, and an empty house

Moving day has finally happened! Oh my golly gosh was it stressful though.  We ended up not exchanging contracts until the day before we were due to move (Friday 27th), at which point we were so busy packing there was no time to celebrate.

All in all we spent 4 days packing (Tues, Weds, Thurs and a little of Friday) – from around 8am through until about 10pm each day.  The last couple days we had much needed help from the hubby’s mum too – we literally wouldn’t have been packed in time otherwise.  Tip for next time – start earlier! We couldn’t really have done it any earlier in the house we were in, as there was nowhere to store packed stuff – we could have coped if it was just the hubby and I, but not with Squidge around too, it was too unsafe.

I’ll write a separate post about the removal process, how we picked the company we used, and what they were like (spoiler – they were awesome!). But in short, we’d always use a removal company from now on… more on that later.

walls needing painting
Every wall in the house needs re-painting as they're all grubby like this

Our wardrobe in the master bedroom
Our IKEA Hemnes wardrobe looks great in the new bedroom - weird en-suite with no door, WTF?

Squidge's nursery with the cot
Squidge's cot so neatly fits in the nook

Our dining room covered in boxes
Boxes, boxes everywhere!!!!

So far, we’ve been in for less than a week and all we have unpacked is the kitchen.  We’re both so exhausted from the move and packing that whenever we get 5 mins to ourselves (like when Squidge naps) we crash on the sofa. How does anyone unpack with a toddler around? We’ve found that we’re conflicted about how to unpack certain rooms, like the lounge, as it needs a lot of plaster chipping off for damp work to be done, and soon, so we don’t really want to unpack as we’ll have to move it all again soon anyway. So we’re living among a lot of boxes right now.

Squidge exploring the garden for the first time
First explores of the garden

Squidge having snacks in the garden
Eating snacks in the garden on day 1

Squidge on his squirrel trike
His ELC Squirrel trike - possibly his favourite thing in the world!

Squidge watering plants
Watering the plants with Daddy

We haven’t found anything that doesn’t work either, like, there’s light bulbs that need to be replaced, but everything that needs to work does, which is great. The biggest challenge is trying to work out how to use the oven as the previous owners managed to wipe away all the markings through their cleaning – I’ve contacted the maker to see if they can help : )

New garden with outside lights on
Our beautiful new garden looking stunning at dusk with the outside lights on

So other than still having to tell a gazillion people that we’ve moved, and unpack the house, we’re in and very happy : ) It’s a lovely house and we’re all managing to sleep well in there which is great.



  1. En-suite without a door?! That's bizarre haha! Your house looks lovely though, congratulations.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. Yeah it's weird isn't it? I'm definitely going to get one fitted, I hate not having privacy in the bathroom!

  2. Congrats on the new house, it looks lovely! I hope you're all settled in soon, and enjoy making it your own ♥

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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