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Toddler diaries | Our current routine

Happy Squidge with an orange sippy cup

Back when I used to write Mummy-Pixi3 I'd write posts about our routine, and it's been ages since I've written a post like that, so thought I'd update it now he's 19 months old and share what our current routine is like, both when we're working and at weekends.

Working days

I work Monday-Thursday, both the hubby and I get in early, me for 7:30 and hubby for 8am, so our day starts off pretty early.

6:30 am - First alarm goes off - recently, Squidge will also shout about now to get out of his cot
7:00 am - Leave the house (I'd be kidding if I said we didn't snooze the alarms several times between these two times)
7:15 am - Drop Squidge off at his Grandparents for the day
7:35 am - Get dropped at work - we aim for 7:30, but 7:35 seems to be more typical at the moment
4:05 pm - Leave work, get the bus to Squidge's grandparents
5:30 pm - Get home after hubby picking us up from his parents
6:30 pm - Dinner all around the table
7:00 pm - Squidge goes to bed. He has an 8oz bottle of warm milk, cuddles and then sleep, he takes about an hour to go to sleep, sometimes less

Fridays & weekends

Friday's can be slightly different as it's just Squidge and I, whereas we have hubby home for the weekends too, so we'll often try and take Squidge somewhere like a National Trust place or the beach.

7:30 am - We get up about now, Squidge usually sleeps in a bit later on a Friday as hubby's alarm goes off a little later as he can drive straight to work from home (no dropping us off)
8:00 am - Breakfast - this is usually a scrambled egg for Squidge, and porridge for me (which we share)
8:30 am - 10:30 am - Play time! Often we'll have a play date with a local mummy who lives just a couple streets away. We'll play with stickers and maybe watch one of Squidge's favourite films (My Neighbour Totoro etc)
10:30 am - Snack time! Quick snack like weak squash and some cheese crackers, or a piece of fruit
11:00 am - Nap time. He often fights this, but after maybe 15 mins he'll crash and sleep for about 1-2 hrs
1:30 pm - Lunch - we'll have something like pesto pasta and some poached fish, or grilled chicken
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Play time! We'll most likely play with Playdoh, his toys, and if the weather is ok, we'll go and play in the garden.
4:00 pm - 4:30 pm - Dinner time! This is a slightly smaller meal as he tends to eat more at lunch, so maybe some sausage, fruit and a bit of bread, maybe more fish (he loves fish!)
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm - Play time! Again, we might watch a film or some of a film, or Postman Pat :)
6:30 pm - Dinner time for all of us, Squidge doesn't usually eat much this feed which is fine, it's more about us all eating dinner together
7:00 pm - Bed time, 8oz of milk, cuddles and sleep :) 

You'll notice bath time is missing, this is because we only bath Squidge once a week which is on a Sunday. We find that his baby eczema breaks out if we bath him more often than that, so we have to be really careful and save those extra occasions for when he's really mucky or has been sick etc.

So that's our rough routine at the moment, lots and lots of play :) Weekends also have trips to the shops (Saturday morning) to do the weekly food shop (farm shop for the meat, and usually Sainsburys for the other bits and bobs).

What's your routine like?

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