Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Just say yes

Squidge playing with Playdoh

Have you ever seen the film Yes Man? It’s great, Jim Carrey is a man stuck in the same old routine, never wanting to go out or do anything, instead he favours staying in where it’s familiar.  Then he went to a seminar that was all about saying yes to every opportunity – the message being, you’ll be surprised at what great things happen when you say yes.

Well, ok it’s not quite the same with a toddler, but we have learned and are continuing to learn to say yes as a kneejerk reaction instead of no.  Just this last weekend, we’d planned to go out to the shops after lunch.  We were sat at the dinner table and Squidge picked up his Playdoh, he wanted to play. We said ‘No we can’t do that, we’re going out now’ but he really wanted to play with the Playdoh, so we changed our mind and said ‘yeah sure, why not’.  What harm does it do going out half an hour later?  None whatsoever.

The lesson? We don’t want Squidges childhood memories to be marred and dictated by the things we had on our to-do list that day. So what if we alter our plans so he can have some fun, that’s what childhood is about!  If there’s anything the last 19 months or so have taught us, it’s that childhood is fleeting and far too short, a bit like life. Tidying can wait and so can chores, having fun and spending precious time with your children is so much more important.  

I want Squidge to grow up having memories of us embracing life and not being house-bound, about us saying yes to opportunities, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. 



  1. We try to do that too. Life is so short and there are so many things we have to do. If it's not important then it can wait. It also feels good :-)

    1. Exactly! There's plenty of time for the other stuff later on, I'd rather make his childhood magical than his memory of it being that we were always too busy to do stuff and said no :)


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