Thursday, 24 November 2016

Slimming World | Week 1

So we’ve managed our first week of slimming world, we’ve hopped on the scales and seen our results.  How did it go?

Not as expected… no gain no loss, exactly the same as last week.  So there’s a couple of caveats on that. One, we had a bad week the week before which could be affecting this weigh-in – we basically ate out nearly every night as we were having painting done in the house and had to keep Squidge upstairs. Also, we’re not sure if our scales are working properly. Hubby jumped on them, saw a couple lbs loss, then knocked them by accident, put them back, jumped on them again and they were back to showing the same weight as last week… 

Either way, we’re not remotely deterred! We know if we stick to the plan, we’ll lose weight.

Every day I was under my syn allowance apart from one day (Friday) when I went out with a friend for a couple drinks. I opted for gin (25ml) and slimline tonic – I had 4 all together (one more than planned, oops). Syn wise that was 12 syns, so under the 15 target, but with other food I’d had that day it put me slightly over. However, all other days either side of it I’d been around 5 syns a day, so there was plenty to spare.

40g porridge oats (HE), 150ml milk (HE), 1 chopped apple, 1 tsp Truvia, 1 tsp cinnamon

I’ve been trying hard to make sure we have a third of a plate of veg with our meals too, where we can. Here’s what a typical meal plan has been like for us.

Weekday breakfast
40g oats with 150ml of milk (or a mullerlight yoghurt for overnight oats) and a handful of fruit (raspberries, strawberries and blueberries).

Weekend breakfast 
1 slice of medium toast, 2 teaspoons of butter, vine roasted cherry tomatoes and 4 slices of very lean bacon, or the toast and bacon with poached eggs instead of vine tomatoes.

Garlic and tomato wholemeal pasta or vegetable rice with 2 slices of honeydew melon for afters.
Tin of mackerel in sauce

Snack – fresh fruit – apple/plum/orange

Meat, lots of vegetables and some potato, or quorn Swedish style meatballs in a homemade garlic and basil tomato sauce with pasta. I did also cook an amazing beef stew at the weekend in the slow cooker, only 2 syns in the whole thing!
Dessert – Mullerlight yoghurt or nothing

40g porridge oats (HE), 150ml milk (HE), handful of raspberries and strawberries

All in all I think we’re doing pretty good. We’re only using spray olive oil (7 sprays = half syn) as I really struggle with the taste of fry light (yep I’ve tried the butter one and the olive oil one, all taste like chemicals).  I’m sticking to plan and I’m sure we’ll see a loss next week, as long as it’s not our scales that are acting up :)

Saturday, 19 November 2016


Squidge splashing in the rain

I have to laugh, just seeing that picture and calling it 'Splashing' makes me feel like I'm watching an episode of the Twirlywoos, lol.

Every Winter we buy Squidge some sort of coverall – previously it’s been a puddle or splash suit – a thin layer of protection to wear over his outfit. The one I bought for him last year was from Mothercare and was absolutely brilliant, but it was very thin, there’s no lining, and so wasn’t ideal when it was really cold.

This year he has a lined puddle suit. It’s soft, lovely and warm and water-proof. It’ll be great for going out in any snow we have (fingers crossed) and has been great for him going out in the rain.

The day these pictures were taken he was out in a ready heavy downpour of rain. When he got back home his clothes were really dry (and his hair and face thanks to the little cap) and he wasn’t sweaty (something I’d been worried about).  If he’d worn it for longer maybe he would have been warmer, but so far so good.

Squidge in his all-in-one in the rain

It’s made of lovely material and is really soft on the inside. It also comes in loads of different patterns and styles for both boys and girls.  Personally, I really like the plain style with the little boat emblem on it.  Plus, it matches up with his yellow Jojo Maman Bebe wellies perfectly :)

So far everything we’ve had and bought from Jojo Maman Bebe has been brilliant in quality and hasn’t faded in the wash. His PJs are still great, as is his London Bus top and leggings.  I know they’re not exactly cheap, but you really do get what you pay for, their products have been put through their paces by Squidge and are still looking almost unworn :)

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Life update

A teaser of the new colour in our lounge

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments you've left on my previous couple of blog posts. I don't think you'll ever know just how much that has meant to me, so thank you :)

In my post from the other day you might remember me saying that life has been a bit chaotic? Well I thought I'd give you a little update on what we've been busy with!

In an effort to get 1 room (the lounge) done in the new house by Christmas, we realised that for us to paint it would take months - just managing to maybe get 1hr a night on it after Squidge goes to bed. Bear in mind, we have bare plaster walls and woodwork, so it all needed priming/undercoats etc. So we decided to hire a painter and decorator. Oh my god was that a good idea! After having a few quotes, we picked a guy who seemed decent and for a decent price.

He did an amazing job, we couldn't be happier! Now we have phase 2 - ripping up the old and damaged laminate flooring and getting carpet put in. The carpet guy is popping over tomorrow, we'll make our pick and hopefully actually get it done next week. But that also means at some point in an evening, we have to try and rip up the laminate that's already there... yeah... I'll do a full post about it once the room is completely finished :) 

We've also bought a piano which is being delivered soon, which means we need to clear all the boxes of books that don't have a home so we can make room for it - where all this stuff is going to go, I've no idea.

We've also been trying to hunt down curtains and other bits and bobs, as well as getting some repairs done on our car and new tyres.  Feels like we haven't stopped for ages.

Squidge is coming along great - his speech is constantly improving, we can start to have little conversations with him now, it's great! All in all he's such a good little boy, it's the little things he does, like calling for us when he's in bed, instead of constantly running out of his room :) I'll do a proper Squidge update in a couple months.

Life is pretty good - I still have a gazillion ailments - bad back, pinched nerve in my back, plantar fasciitis in my right foot, bad achilles tendon in my left foot, and achy shoulders. But other than that I'm fine :) Work is good too, I'm getting to do little bits of illustration which is brilliant, keeps me very happy :) 

Anyway, this post was a lot longer than I intended! That's our little update :) 

Monday, 14 November 2016

4th time's a charm

A picture of me

I wasn’t planning on publishing two posts in two days, but I have news, well, something I wanted to document. Today, for the 4th time, I’ve joined Slimming World.

It’s really different this time. I don’t feel driven to lose weight, I don’t feel determined and all those other things I normally am when I join a weight-loss club. But I have reached a point where I absolutely HAVE to do something.

I’ve realised that my life has become very much ruled by my weight – whether that’s choosing a restaurant based on how decent their chairs look, to not leaving the house unless I have to because I’m so completely embarrassed and ashamed of how I look.  There’s also something I read on a post by the lovely Stacie from Life is worth the fight – she’d said that when she sees someone who’s really overweight just walking up a hill with no real problem, she feels it’s not fair, she’s slim and in dire need of a second lung transplant and struggles to walk just a few feet. She’s right, she’s one hundred million percent right, it’s not fair. My lungs already aren’t great (severe asthma since 5 years old), so surely I should be doing everything I can to help them (and my knees, and feet, and back which also give me aggro)?.... she’s right, I’d just never seen it like that.

For at least a year I’ve had to stop looking at people when I’m out and about. I get the most horrible scornful and disgusted looks off people. Once someone started so glaringly, I stopped and stood right in front of them and stared right back at her until she looked away.  People can be so insensitive, those glances and looks can be very hurtful.  Yes I’m very overweight, no I don’t want to be, but those looks and judgements make me not want to stretch my legs and get exercise at lunch time, and instead hide away where I’m sheltered from such judgement.

I’m feeling completely miserable with myself, I hate my grossly overweight body. I used to look at people who were very, very overweight and say ‘how can they let that happen’ and now I’ve let it happen to me. I think one of the reasons I feel so apathetic towards it, is because I have so much to lose I don’t feel that I’ll ever be able to get back to just being overweight – that’s just how far I have to go.

I basically have to lose a person in weight, feels like the biggest uphill struggle and is very overwhelming. I know that everyone will say not to focus on the end goal, but smaller goals like 10% or 1 stone, but when you have so much to lose, it’s hard to keep the focus on small interim goals.  Team that up with the fact I’ve never managed to lose more than 4 stone… it seems to be my marathon-runners ‘wall’. I’ll lose 4 stone and give up. I feel like, if I can get past that, I might stand a chance.

I’ll be documenting my weigh-ins each week here. As much as I’m not going to share with you my actual weight, I’m just too ashamed, I will have a running total of how much I’ve lost and how much I’ve lost/gained each week.

I’m sorry that this ended up being so negative (not a fan of negativity), I think I’m just in a negative/not-good place at the moment which is down to all of the above, and generally having a lot of negativity around me at the moment, it really wears me down.  Hopefully in a few months or year or so I’ll look back at these posts and see how far I’ve come and that the tone will be much more positive :)

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Motherhood doesn't come naturally to me

A collage of pictures of me and Squidge

I know it's been a while since I've blogged, I've been taking a little break. Life has been really busy (I'll do a separate update) and I needed to focus on that and have a little down time.

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while.  I often describe myself as a bad mum, I could do so much better, and I want to.  I get one day a week (Friday's) where it's just me and Squidge. I look forward to it all week, I absolutely love our mummy/baby days.

We get up, get dressed and have breakfast. We play for a bit, maybe do some drawing, watch a film and chill out. It's a very chilled out day. But I know that's not what I should be doing - I should be taking him out to get fresh air, take him to the park or on a ride on the bus, but we don't. We generally don't go anywhere. 

I get petrified that if I take him out, something will happen to him, or that I'll fail to cope with a tantrum, or that something will happen to me and he'll be left alone. The fear of that is so strong, I feel petrified to leave the house with him alone. It's a total different story when hubby is home, it doesn't even cross my mind, but when I'm alone, I have 0% confidence to take him out by myself.

I've never had that natural motherhood thing. I'd always hoped to have kids, but never had that ache to have them. One day on the way into work hubby and I talked about it, I said that I was getting older and that if we saw kids in our future we needed to start thinking about it. As much as we loved our lives they way they were, we always saw ourselves growing old with children, so we started trying.

When I found out I was pregnant, I didn't believe it. I'd grown to believe that it'd never happen, so only took the test to prove my Dr wrong. It wasn't until my 12 week scan that I actually believed I was pregnant. 

Being pregnant was amazing, I loved every minute of it and couldn't wait to meet Squidge, I was in love with him a long time before he was born, and even now I'm constantly looking at him in complete amazement that he's actually mine, I love him more than I can possibly put into words and would lay my life down for him in a heartbeat. 

But being a mum just doesn't come naturally for me, it's hard. I know it's hard being a parent for everyone, but that thing where you say 'XX is SO good with kids' isn't something people would say about me. I doubt people would even say 'Georgina is such a good mother', and I'm not saying that so you'll all say 'oh yes you are don't be silly), it's just the truth.

He's always front of my mind, thinking of him ahead of my own needs, in fact, hubby is ahead of me too in the pecking order, but I should do better by him and I think it'll always bother me that I don't make more effort - that I don't take him out on Friday's like I should, that I should have more patience, that I should do more activities with him.

I wish I was one of those people who found themselves taking to motherhood like a duck to water, but I don't, I wish there was a button I could press to flip the switch in my head to make that happen.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Squidge | 2 year update

Tredegar house on his 2nd birthday

My gosh, 2 years.... 2 YEARS! How is my little 6lb 9oz baby now 2 years old? Oh Squidge, could you please slow down your growth, it's so hard to keep up.

Normally when I do a Squidge update, I'll compare one month to the previous one. This time, I'm comparing year 1 to year 2 (you can see his previous update here).


Fast asleep in the morning

Fast asleep in bed at night

Oh, isn't sleep a mystical creature!  For the most part (I can't believe I'm committing pen to paper with this) he's a good sleeper.  Just recently (the last 3-4 weeks) he's regularly been waking up at night, but not unhappy, just needing the blanket to be put back over him, or needing a little cuddle. The biggest issue has been in getting him to sleep at night. During the day he's become really easy to get to nap, it takes about 10 mins at most and he'll sleep for 1-2 hrs (usually closer to 2). But when it comes to bed time at night, it's taking us between 1-2 hrs to get him to sleep. 

Typically he's not upset or screaming, but shouting for us.  We *have* to go in, as he'll have thrown his dummy/teddy's and blanket out of his cot and simply won't fall asleep without them. It's his way to get us back in his room.  And often, if I put him down, only Daddy will actually be able to settle him and vice versa.  So as a result, it's unusual for our evenings to begin before 9pm.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I treasure every single moment with Squidge, good or bad, and never take a second of it for granted. Would it be nice to have more evening? Yes, but there's time for that when he's older. I didn't have him not to spend any time with him.


Eating breakfast

Last year I talked about him being on the lean side and struggling to get food in him - basically nothing has changed. He's still very lean, and he's still not a great eater. I have a couple meals which I know he'll eat, but I don't like to make them too often as I don't want him to get bored of them. He really likes veg again which is great, he loves broccoli and carrots, especially with a little gravy.
He loves fish, chicken and pasta and of course, chocolate :) Whenever we eat something, he'll look at us making mmmmmh? sounds, wanting a taste, which of course, we always share with him (unless it's something he can't have). 


Lying in the day bed

Yep, still going through that, but his teething symptoms are different now. He'll just be feisty and biting on things, or hard to settle. With a dose of Nurofen he'll turn into a different child as it takes the edge off.  We'll still give teething gel too. I think he's just got one set of molars left to come, maybe 2, it's hard to tell as it's the far back ones.


Blowing bubbles

Well, things have improved since his last update, understandably! He's a proper little chatterbox now! There's lots and lots of words he says really clearly and LOTS of words he only says part of (like bus is 'bu'). His walking and running is great, he doesn't fall over so much anymore, but hey, he's been walking for over a year now. 

His understanding is fantastic, he basically understands everything that's said to him and in front of him. And today he counted to 4 - he was moving little metal cars and counted, one, two, three, four! Totally unprompted :) 

The terrible two's have well and truly hit with daily screeching tantrums and displays of a strong-willed little boy. Also this week has brought on a new word 'okay' he uses it like yes (but he can't say yes yet).  We'll be sitting having dinner, and he'll be saying 'daddy' (as in, he wants to sit on Daddy's lap), so I'll say 'You want to sit on Daddy's lap' and he'll say 'okay'... so cute!

There's a million other things he's doing but my mind fails me right now!


Walking with Grandad Roddy

For TV, he absolutely adores Hey Duggee (yay!), he also really likes Thomas the Tank Engine, Postman Pat and In the Night Garden - they're his staples.  Recently we also had Adventure Time on and he really liked that too.  For films, he's LOVING the Minion film (he loves minions!), he also likes Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Wall-E, and all the Studio Ghibli films.

For toys, he has 2 teddy's in his cot with him, rabbit (which is covered in lint) and baa baa (his sheep). He loves playing with his BRIO and cars, and really likes activities like drawing and sticking (with stickers) oh and playdoh, he LOVES that.

He's had an absolutely cracking year - he's such a good boy, not very naughty. He's only had a couple accidents, one in the bath where he bit right through his tongue (his tongue got embedded on a tooth!) and he also fell and hurt his private parts (which bled... that was only a couple weeks ago). But other than a few colds, he's been absolutely fine.


Monday, 10 October 2016

The Big Hair Do | Ken Picton

Ken Picton

A couple weeks ago I found myself having the pampering of a lifetime. I was sat in a back massage chair while having my hair washed with the most fantastic smelling shampoos (Kerastase) and having a head massage, talk about bliss!

Hair styling

After that, I had my hair styled by an absolutely fantastic stylist.  She started off by putting soft luscious waves in my hair with the straighteners, but since my hair is so heavy she upped the anti with a curling wand which was great as the curls lasted all the next day too :) 

All this happened while I had a cocktail in hand (King of Italy - Prosecco, Amaretto with a sugar cube at the bottom) and delightful canapés. 


After having my hair done (it seriously smelled amazing!), I had my nails painted by the lovely Bianca with Essie nail polish. I went for my classic go-to red 'A list'. 

Self wales blogging tribe selfie
My south wales blogging tribe

The big hair do was a nationwide event which pulled together 100 salons all over the UK to host a pamper evening where consumers, press and bloggers could sample their local salon's services and have a nice evening out. They even put together some pretty impressive goody bags - ours included a GHD paddle brush (this has replaced my old paddle brush and is a gazillion times better!), a full size Essie pro nail polish and some lovely hair care products.

Good bag contents
We had an absolute blast, it was so lovely being pampered and having time to catch up with my local blogging friends and super lovely to experience the Ken Picton salon for the first time. I'll definitely be back soon!
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* The gifts and services were complimentary

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Autumn outfit with Jojo Maman Bébé

Squidge with his trike in his autumn Jojo Maman Bébé outfit

Squidge has recently started to go up into the next size clothes. This means I get to shop for him which I absolutely love. I buy most of his clothes from a combination of John Lewis, Jojo Maman Bébé, Zara, Mothercare and Asda, and in my search for his sized 2-3 A/W16 wardrobe, I’ve managed to pull together some really cute outfits, which over time I’ll be featuring on here.

This time he’s in full Jojo Maman Bébé and I couldn’t love the outfit more!  Just as a caveat I will say that yes, Jojo clothes aren’t cheap (just as John Lewis and Mothercare aren’t), however they are fantastic quality and do last really well.  

Squidge on his trike in his autumn outfit

The only clothes we’ve had any issues with have been the head hole size of the little bird collection in Mothercare - Squidge has a big head and most of the right sized clothes for him in that collection struggle to go over his head and some of the quality of the Zara baby clothes haven’t been great (prints wearing away, thin quality t-shirts and sharp bits poking out of snap fasteners (yeah… might have to stop shopping there after reading that).

Squidge running with a branch in his autumn outfit

For his outfit I picked the gorgeous fox leggings (£10) (I’ve bought him loads of leggings in the past from places like Zara but they’ve also been baggy on him as he’s very slight). I love the quality of these, they’re really thick and warm, and also really stretchy, they fit around his nappy perfectly too.

His top is also from their A/W16 collection and features a London bus (£15*) (he LOVES busses!) – again it’s lovely quality, warm, quite thick but not too thick. In the current Autumn weather I’d have him in a short-sleeved vest underneath (he’s still in vests, not giving up that for a while).

Squidge sitting down and playing with his toys

I paired up the outfit with his Jojo Maman Bébé wellies – I’ve been buying him these since he could walk, this is his third pair – I absolutely love them! They’re great quality and IMO, not crazy expensive (£16).

Isn't this just the perfect little outfit for Autumn? <3
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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

5 tips to get your toddler to eat

Squidge is by no means a good eater, far from it. But recently I’ve been trying some new things and had some success, so I thought I’d share my tips for getting your toddler to eat.  Of course there’s a massive caveat on this, that what works for Squidge, might not work for your toddler. But if you’re like me and willing to try some different things, it can’t hurt to give it a go.

Experiment with shapes

Toddlers like things to remain the same… within reason. If you’ve always cut carrots into batons and suddenly change to discs, you’re likely to incur a full on toddler meltdown.  It goes back to caveman times – they know what to trust, and suddenly if it’s a different shape, they can’t trust it.  However, toddlers do also like fun!

Make cookie cutters your new best friend

Oh my gosh, this was a revelation to me! I had the idea one day to use the smallest star from a cookie cutter set to cut Squidge’s sandwiches up – the result, he loved it!  It does seem wasteful as there’s lots of sandwich you’ll throw away, but before doing this, he’d take 1-2 bites of a sandwich and that’s it, so it’d all end up being thrown away, this way he’s eating at least half of it, so actually less wasteful.

I experimented by getting some other shaped cookie cutters and it worked really well. Now he regularly has little star and flower shaped sandwiches/toast/cucumber etc and loves it – he eats more than he used to, and more variety, thanks to it being in fun and appealing shapes.

Try egg shapers!

Ok, I’ll admit I haven’t tried this yet, but I have ordered them from Amazon. They’re little moulds that you put a raw egg into, seal it up and then boil it. The egg then takes on the shape of the mould to something cute like a bunny or car.

Think bitesize

Another mistake I made was not cutting things up small enough. Food became daunting and would make him not interested in it. A sandwich cut into quarters was still too big, so I started making things more bitesize. Toast is cut into 2cm squares, sandwiches are tiny flowers, everything is bitesize. As a result, he eats lots more and can graze on it.

Experiment with texture

Don’t be afraid to experiment with texture, but on a small toddler-sized-mouth scale. Squidge really likes the Annabel Karmel pasta shells, they’re small and easy to swallow but still taste like pasta. I make it up with some finely grated cheese, and either some double cream or garlic and herb Philadelphia, some poached salmon and some boiled bits of broccoli and it’s one of his favourite meals. I don’t make it for him often as I don’t want him to get bored of it, but he’ll usually eat it all. It’s a great way to get a few extra calories in him too with the addition of the double cream.

I hope these tips work for you, let me know if you give any of them a try, and feel free to leave a comment below with your tips :)

Monday, 22 August 2016

Why you should ignore the Tots100 scores

tots100 screenshot

I see a lot of people getting upset or ebullient when the tots100 rankings get updated each month, I used to be one of them.

My old blog, Makeup-Pixi3 has been as high as 202, but you know what? It means nothing. I currently have 3 blogs, this one and 2 that are inactive. You’d be surprised just how well the inactive blogs rank in the Tots100, even my blog that hasn’t been updated in over a year and gets almost no daily views!

In the August 2016 charts, this is how they fared…

Tots score = #343
Hasn’t been updated in 2 months
Gets about 250 views a day to various posts that do ok on SEO

Tots score = #754
Hasn’t been updated in over a year
Not on it’s own domain (.blogspot)
Almost no daily views (less than 10)
Tots score = #665
Posts regularly
Similar views to Makeup-Pixi3

Each of my blogs on Tots100 has the same social media links, so they link off to Instagram (about 1200 followers), Pinterest (nearly 30k followers), Twitter (6k followers), YouTube (just over 1000 followers, inactive, not uploaded in over a year).

It seems so silly that mummy-pixie is ranked #754 out of over 20,000 parenting blogs in the UK, yet it hasn’t been updated in over a year and no one reads it. I know bloggers who post great content several times a week and rank worse than that, they have a decent DA, good social metrics.

So please, when you see your rank go down, or not do as well as you'd like, just remember how silly it all is.  If an inactive blog can rank really well when it hasn't been updated in a very long time, you know the algorithm is very silly. Just keep blogging about what you love and putting the same great content out there.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Natural birth | Life after an epidural

Mummy and Squidge's first photo
Before you have a baby the Drs and midwives talk through your pain relief options as part of your birth plan, you don't have to decide what you want, but it's good to have an idea and prepare yourself mentally.

I'd always been adamant I was going to have a completely natural birth with no pain relief, if my mum could do it, so could I.  But as the pregnancy progressed and with all my health issues (gestational diabetes, asthma, supra ventricular tachycardia, underactive thyroid...) we realised that towards the end of my pregnancy, I was going to be induced.

Typically women who are induced are in labour (the whole process) for a lot longer, so I knew to do this without any pain relief would be crazy, but I was going to try my best.  Well, on the Friday (day 1 of induction) I had some co-codamol, but that's it - I'd been having regular contractions but in dilatation hadn't progressed.

This is the only pain relief I had until I was put on the drip about 7pm on the Sunday night.  After dealing with some pretty awfully painful contractions I asked for gas and air.  This really helped - I was off with the fairies when I was having it, but it didn't stop the pain.  So then I asked for pethidine... this really was amazing.  It gave me my first bit of proper sleep since Thursday night, and boy did I need it!

Later that evening as the pethidine wore off, I asked for an epidural. I knew the risks, they'd been clearly explained, but I didn't care, I knew I was a long way off (only about 2-3cm at this point) and completely exhausted after 3 days of this.  The epidural seemed to go well, but to be honest, it's all a bit of a blur.

At 3:48pm the next day, Squidge was born via venteuse delivery. I remember one of my proudest moments ever was being wheeled from the delivery suite down to the ward with Squidge on my chest. I felt like the proudest person ever, I did it, I gave birth to this perfect little boy. He was lying on my chest looking up at me, nothing could have been more perfect.

Now it's 22 months later, he's a thriving intelligent little boy who does all the normal toddler things like refusing to eat, throwing tantrums because he has paint on his hands. And me? Well I'm trying to lose the weight I've gained since having him, I'm battling pretty severe back pain but all in all I'm ok.

There is one symptom I still have though, something apparently caused by the epidural. That's loss of sensitivity in my bladder. I've had no 'accidents' or anything like that, no leakage, but I only get the 'I have to wee' feeling when my bladder is really full, and if I'm sat down, I don't get it at all. It's not something I ever thought about, not something I thought was even possible. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot that could have gone wrong and I'm truly grateful that I'm a pretty normal functioning person, I guess I just didn't expect to be feeling the side effects of the epidural this far down the line.

Did you have any long-term side effects from your epidural? And if you did, would you have one again?

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Potty training a-go-go

A smiling Squidge

Sunday was a special day.

We spent the day playing in the sand at Barry Island beach, Squidge jumping with the waves in the sea with Daddy while I look on. We had friends over in the evening while we sat in the garden with the outside lights on and eating pizza. It was a great day.

But that’s not why it was special. 

When we got home from the beach, we all needed a bath/shower. We started with Squidge, he had his usual play and usual screaming fit when we wash the soap off his hair. I then wrapped him up in a towel and we want and sat in front of the TV all snuggled up while we watched some Postman Pat. I said to Squidge ‘tell me if you need a wee wee and I’ll put a nappy on you’ – he didn’t respond.  A few mins later I put one on him anyway, and bundled him back up and cwtched him like a baby for about 15 mins while Daddy had a shower.

Daddy came down, swapped and I had a shower.

Then about 15 mins after I came back down, Squidge stands up and says ‘wee wee’ (it’s not unusual for him to say this). Then he said potty, grabbed his potty and sat on it (fully clothed). We said ‘you want to wee on your potty?’, he nodded, so we took his dungarees off, and then his vest (he also insisted on having his socks off! lol). He then sat down on the potty, concentrated and had a wee!!!!! We were amazed (as was he!), what a clever boy!

At 22 months old, he told us he needed a wee, got his potty out, sat on it and had a wee! We were so incredibly proud and amazed. I know this is just the beginning, and he might not want to do it again for a while, but it looks like he’s telling us he’s ready for potty training, so wish us luck!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Squidge 22 month update

I know I say this every month, and pretty much have since I found out I was pregnant, but oh my gosh, where has the time gone? How is my little toddler 2 in 2 months!

This month he's gone from strength to strength. His speech has come on really well, now starting to string 3 words together like 'mummy and daddy' or 'nanny and grandad (dada)', and without prompting. And he's finally trying to say his name (3 syllables, so not easy).


He's still in 18-24 months but is starting to grow out of some of them. Bizarrely, some of the clothes he's still wearing is 9-12 months, crazy! I'm now starting to think about buying him some next size clothes as and when I see them. I've managed to save up loads of vouchers from various places, so I should be able to buy him some really nice clothes with them.

If you read my post about Caerphilly Castle you'll know he's finally gone up a size in shoes too, I couldn't believe how long he was in his last pair, 5 months! So he's now a size 6 :)

I'm also in the middle of crocheting him a hoodie (pictured above), which should be finished in the next couple of days. No clue if it'll fit, if he'll like it, if it'll be too thick or stiff, but we'll give it a go :)


Where do I begin. He's all over the place at the moment.  For the most part, he's fighting naps and night time sleep as much as he can. Often, putting him down at night is now taking up to 2 hrs, and that's 2 hrs of either me or hubby going in and out of his room, so not having much time to ourselves.

He's also had a few bad nights recently, waking up really upset, so we're not getting much sleep either, leaving us feeling like zombies again. Oh and during the week, he tends to wake up about 6:45, but Saturday and Sunday it's 5:30am now :( So a very tired mummy and daddy!

We can't complain though, he's a good sleeper most of the time, and as we always remind ourselves every time we're up in the middle of the night with him, we're so incredibly lucky to be able to get these extra cuddles. So many parents don't get to anymore - just reminding ourselves of how lucky we are, really does help us find strength to keep rocking him, or keep going in and out of his room at 3am.


He's walking and running like a trooper, in fact, he's been walking for nearly a year now - in my Timehops from a year ago he's standing unaided - and by 11 months he was walking, albeit like Captain Jack Sparrow!

His speech is brilliant, he seems to learn a new word or two every day and has a really great understanding of things.  He's loving drawing at the moment and is getting slightly better control (I really do only mean slightly!). I've seen him grab the felt tip with both hands and hold it gently at the bottom to do more controlled lines, I was really impressed with that. He's also been doing dots with the pens.

He's also been wanting me more than normal, it's usually daddy he wants, but at the moment it's all 'mummy, mummy, mummy' :) I love it, it's so lovely being wanted :) Yes I'm tired as I'm getting less rest, but it's so worth it :)

Monthly favourites

Not many monthly favourites this month, definitely drawing. He still loves Postman Pat, but not as much as he did last month. He's watching a bit more Studio Ghibli again, and enjoying Thomas the tank engine (or as he calls it 'en'deem).

At the big cheese festival in Caerphilly he LOVED getting in the fire truck and wearing a fireman's helmet too, that was definitely a monthly favourite for Squidge. I think he looked rather awesome in it too :)


As I mentioned in my last update, it's his birthday soon. I don't want to get him too much, and I think I've done pretty well so far! I've bought him some Fuzzy Felt farm animals and a rocking horse. I'm also going to get another Brio train or two, and a bit more track, but that'll probably be it.

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